Survivor 37: Christian Vs. Lyrsa

Some Post-Week 4 Stats: Rolling Confessional Count More on Confessionals Strategy in General More on Strategy Chats Immunity Stats courtesy of the wonderful RHAP community and the Survivor Fantasy League.  

BB: Not ‘Saved by the Bell’ AKA Tyler and His Minions

JC was never supposed to make it past Final 4. He doesn’t know Level 6 exists and by the virtue of Level 6 formerly having six people in it, JC wasn’t supposed to even make Final 6, either. Tyler was never going to win the POV for JC. Veto Queen Kaycee won it and noms … Continue reading BB: Not ‘Saved by the Bell’ AKA Tyler and His Minions

BB: Mr. Brightside AKA Ice-Cold Savage

JC and Brett are back together. JC got stuck as a Have-Not, when it was Angela's turn (she's only been a Have-Not once, before). Meanwhile, this is JC's second time as a Have-Not. This occurrence will definitely feel to JC, like #Tangela is getting the opportunity to conspire against him. JC will then plot a … Continue reading BB: Mr. Brightside AKA Ice-Cold Savage

BB: “YOU create the majority”

All together now: WHO FLIPPED? As one Twitter citizen put it, when (not if) Fessy gets evicted, Fessy won't leave the house, until he finds out who flipped the vote on him. Can't you just hear the sound of grinding gears? Yeah, RS is gone. Kaycee will finally have Sam back, because guess what I heard: Tyler is … Continue reading BB: “YOU create the majority”