Space Angel

a thousand generations
in love with the ancestor
life force
overflowing with life
she has generated life
I have the potential to generate life
respected elder

power bottom
younger stud

energy and biorhythms
biorhythms and bioacoustics
the antichrist and the three-headed dragon

pure life force
ancestor energy
happy energy
the promised land
the land of milk and honey

real life and the simulation
philosophical concept

make the journey
time capsule

pure life force
women passing power to women
women passing life energy to women
cosmic power
the power to create life
borrowed life force
live forever
paying it forward
the passing of generations
youthful energy
psychic power

indomitable life force
the messiah
mutant gene
human evolution
transferring life energy
sex energy
sex magic
life force
new life
women loving women
cosmic rays
space angel
everlasting life


zombies in the Everglades
shamans, witches and alchemists
island dance around a bonfire
swamp folk songs
life and regeneration
swamp mysticism
the blood of the young

generations, blood magic and youth
health energy and life-force
the succession of generations
sacrificing Isaac
stifled by the previous generation
lured into the labyrinth

ancient shaman rituals
blood poured out on the ground for you
slathered in goat blood
massacre and mayhem
power gay
bears in the hotel
sacrifice a snake
lucid in the labyrinth

fortunately, not a virgin
judging the next generation
youth and old age
life-force, vampires and blood
spare parts
hung from hooks, in the meat locker
the last tribe
wear the head of the bull
lived in the wilderness and became a beast
Obeah potion
it’s raining blood
sex magic – snakes, blood and fire

serial killer wave
chaffing and callouses
chicken memes
nuisance, plague
marred visage
powerful chlorine gas
retrace my steps