Villanelle Fashion Power Rankings

I would be remiss, as a Killing Fan, to not have my own list of my favorite Villanelle wardrobe choices. My biases will be apparent, so I apologize in advance. I don’t pretend to be an expert on fashion. Here goes!

10. Here Vill looks like an awesome mobster, straight out of “Goodfellas” or “Narcos,” at the tearoom dance. That’s how I remember the character the best.
9. Vill is in extremis here, and this isn’t her usual style. However some of the best, classic Vill moments, on the show, happen when Vill is in an austere environment. This outfit looks straight out of a Tarantino film, like Vill is trying to escape some random situation in “Pulp Fiction” or “Reservoir Dogs.”
8. Vill is again roughing it here, but this ensemble is also essential Vill. The faux fur jacket became ingrained into Vill’s identity, on-screen, at the end of Season 1. This look reminds me of the gritty world of the film “Drive.”
7. In my notes, on this scene, I wrote that Vill looked amazing for her wedding. She is wearing a black tuxedo jacket, black pants – and “great shoes,” black strap stilettos, although they can’t be seen in this shot. It is an androgynous wedding outfit that immaculately blends the masculine and feminine energies, of Vill. It is so Vill and it fits her so perfectly.
6. I happened to glimpse this outfit, before I saw the show – and that’s when I knew I had to see the show. Here, Vill is at Oxford, and looks collegiate to a ‘T.’ The sweater is a nice touch. Two thumbs up!
5. Poor Vill is internally crying here, but she is still pristinely dressed, in a navy pantsuit, with pointed shoulders. Her hair is tousled – a wild look that’s cool and looks ’80s-inspired. Vill is also wearing amazing gold, men’s-style shoes, although they can’t be seen in this shot.
4. Vill gets a new job and looks incredible. I love when she wears pin-striped suits. This is perfect Vill energy. She also does three different accents, in the space of five minutes, in this scene.
3. It was during the mission in Bulgaria, that I fell in love with Vill and her quizzical expressions. This Season 1 bomber jacket had to make the list.
2. It’s another impeccable pin-striped suit, so naturally I love it. This gray, three-piece suit was also worn for the famous bus kiss.
1. It’s Saint Vill – Vill at her most Vill, for me. Pure Vill-ness, like you could bottle it, as a perfume. She looks so confident in the U-Bahn station, in her Belgian tailored red, blue, and black jacket, that almost looks like camo. The effect is powerful and enthralling.

That’s Vill’s essence distilled down to ten outfits. Read my Killing Eve coverage and other long-reads here!

BB: JC, Victorious

Tyler is DONE

I said last week JC only needed to win two comps. Well, here we are.

JC won the HOH, by one point. Kaycee was not competitive.

King JC is back!! It was looking dodgy for a minute, but JC will be the one to sit at the final chess game, with Tyler! I always predicted JC, the Merciful – author of the epic Kaitlyn hinky vote – would slay the dragon, one day.

Our Van Helsing will get Vampire Tyler, in the end! He was always in my Final Five.

Also, while we’re on the subject of self-calls:

September 14th:

“I grew up listening to my parents watching BB. @JulieChen is a part of my life. I hope she stays on BB.”

Called It

Julie Chen is staying on BB forever!

Sam just couldn’t deal with the #FakeLife. As I said, throughout the season, Sam was always one of my favorite players. She lasted a long time, and is only the second one to go, in my Final Five. Sam was authentic and sincere. She’s a real person. Sam for AFP!

I also hope Sam doesn’t vote for Tyler. I have always maintained that Tyler is a villain. Obviously, strategically and socially Tyler is a very smart player but one of the 48 Laws of Power, #46, is to ‘never be too perfect.’ Everything was coming up roses for Tyler. It’s only human nature, to root for him to be knocked down a few pegs.

The hero or the anti-hero is never perfect. He or she is always flawed. Heroes are real people – dirty, messy, real people – people like Sam.

Tyler treated Sam like trash. And Sam never revealed his secret, about the power app, unlike Rachel – who told the entire house, about Bay’s power app. So, I hope, in the jury, Sam leads the cavalry, in the vote against Tyler. JC got his heart ripped to shreds by Tyler. I continue to hope JC wins. Crush ‘em, JC!