The Last Skywalker Awakens

Rey is the avatar, for all of the Jedi. Rey is also a grandchild of not a Skywalker, but Senator Palpatine/Darth Sidious. She could have become a Sith Empress. She is a Jedi, but she can also shoot Force Lightning. Nothing is ever in black and white.

Rey didn’t end up with Finn or Kylo/Ben Solo. She could have been bi. Rey is still single, by the end of the trilogy. She kissed Kylo/Ben, when he died, but she didn’t get paired off with anyone. Or get killed off.

Rey was trained by Master Leia, which is really cool. Luke Skywalker comes back and helps Rey too. Kylo/Ben and Han Solo also have a good moment.

Rankings: Force Awakens > Rise of Skywalker > The Last Jedi. Original trilogy > 2000s prequels > new reboot 2010s trilogy. At least, Rise of Skywalker was better than Rogue One.

It is good that the Star Wars franchise finally had a female Jedi protagonist, in Rey. In the next Star Wars trilogy, the writers should be able to have a female Jedi protagonist AND the execution of a good plot. Via adoption, Rey did become a Skywalker. My hunch was right, back in December 2015.

The Force Awakens was good. The Rise of Skywalker was OK. The overall reboot trilogy was so-so. It’s canon. Someday, Lucasfilm should bring Rey back, in a way that is better, than this trilogy. It could be said that I have A New Hope.

BB: Crying While Eating

Hay the Hacker


These are the words Angela should live by – but she didn’t – and she won’t.

Angela, the Great, had the chance to be ICONIC and a LEGEND, by finally getting Tyler out, but she decided to go after weak prey, Bay, instead. Bay was done. Bay was cooked. Bay could have gone home, any old time. Tyler will only be able to go home now.

Worse – what could be worse? – Angela, the Great, gave her speech. She shut down Bay – like how Sam shut down Kaitlyn and Hay, during Sam’s nominations’ speech. But unlike Sam, when called upon to defend what she said, to claim her decree, to own her divine will – Angela hid in the HOH room.

Sam called the honor of Kaitlyn and Hay, into question. Immediately afterward, Kaitlyn got up, to apologize, to “the young men,” of the house. Sam was having none of that, and shut Kaitlyn down, again.

Later, Kaitlyn ascended the stairs to the HOH room, and confronted Sam, to her face. Sam sat down, looked Kaitlyn in the eye, and doubled down.

Now, I would never sit down, and judge the honor, of other females, in the way that Sam did. I would never claim or own such a speech. However, Sam said what she, for better or worse, believed, and claimed and owned her comments.  And when confronted, she didn’t hide in the HOH room (even after making the room her own personal arts ‘n’ crafts fortress).

So, even though I disagree, vehemently, with what both Sam and Angela said, and did, I respect Sam – poor Sam, who was made out to be the village idiot, with her terrible house meeting; poor Sam, who hasn’t touched a computer, in five years – because Sam isn’t a coward.

Speaking of “stomping mudholes” in people’s chests: on the feeds, Sam, was now discussing, with JC, the finer points to curb stomping. At this point in time, Sam isn’t going to win, but I still stan Sam, and I am willing to bet good money, that she is former military, police or park ranger. Good money.

Because Sam would never hide in the HOH room – not on something as important as noms or the POV. WANT THE CHANGE. BE THE CHANGE.

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