Revisiting #BB20 and #BB21

"Scottie is 99.99% going home" Fessy actually got Hay, in real life, so he was vindicated. "This week has been a wake-up call not just for the weakness of Scottie’s game, but Hay’s as well." I liked how #BB21 just gave up on showmances, and just did the more realistic thing: FWBs. Way easier. No … Continue reading Revisiting #BB20 and #BB21

BB: Dairy Queen, Dancing Queen

Angela was probably tired of Tyler's nonsense. She wanted OUT. Their relationship seemed like it could have taken place in seventh grade – not between two adults. Puppy love. I'm with Rob on this one: #Tangela is as dull as Velveeta cheese. Unctuous. Corny. Kitsch. Love is not perfect. A compelling love, like a compelling … Continue reading BB: Dairy Queen, Dancing Queen

BB: Tyler and His ‘Dumb Girls Alliance’

Tyler is trying to mimic Russell Hantz, with Russell and his "Dumb Girl Alliance." I am generally not predisposed to showmances. Swayleigh - gone. Faleigh - on the way to both being gone. Tangela includes two players that are talented enough to survive a showmance, but the making out dulls some of their strategic sharpness. … Continue reading BB: Tyler and His ‘Dumb Girls Alliance’