BB: Dairy Queen, Dancing Queen

Angela was probably tired of Tyler's nonsense. She wanted OUT. Their relationship seemed like it could have taken place in seventh grade – not between two adults. Puppy love. I'm with Rob on this one: #Tangela is as dull as Velveeta cheese. Unctuous. Corny. Kitsch. Love is not perfect. A compelling love, like a compelling … Continue reading BB: Dairy Queen, Dancing Queen


BB: Tyler and His ‘Dumb Girls Alliance’

Tyler is trying to mimic Russell Hantz, with Russell and his "Dumb Girl Alliance." I am generally not predisposed to showmances. Swayleigh - gone. Faleigh - on the way to both being gone. Tangela includes two players that are talented enough to survive a showmance, but the making out dulls some of their strategic sharpness. … Continue reading BB: Tyler and His ‘Dumb Girls Alliance’

BB: “Oh, It’s Happening, Sweetheart.” Bye Hay.

"Floaters, grab a life vest." Angela, the Ice Queen, did the logical thing, and threw those village idiots up on the block. But she isn't yet ready to make an actual big move, and blow Tyler and Brett out of the water. C'mon Admiral Angela. Please do something. Sink Tyler's battleship. Worse, even when Angela … Continue reading BB: “Oh, It’s Happening, Sweetheart.” Bye Hay.