play the ridge

in the memer age
an inscription, half-erased, on a temple
the luxury of zooming out
like the map of Eurasia
can only be learned in pieces
missing words and audio loops
forgotten sound bites
where do ideas come from
think in full sentences

convenience goods, and economies
the most important thing we can do
first does not always equal best
empires of steel
Mother Demeter
Big solstice energy
the ultimate Answers lost to prehistory
lost beings of the last Ice Age
where you are and when you are

from Scandinavia to the Balkans
roast duck and spiced ham
what they found in the ice
secret societies and lost lands
millions of years until boars, fishhooks
Iron Age Constantinople
Sun deity messiah
Jurchens and Janissaries
the dying and reborn goddess

unsolved mysteries of linguistics
obvious results, without obvious causes
a long time of nothing, until something
The Flying Bike
Exceptionally no
a cosmic waiting game
I am the nade king
empty golf ball planet
keep our economy boiling

looking through the red dot
nade the smoke
final thunderclap; last rain
share the inheritance of the gods

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here! Originally written 6/29/20. Copyright, All Rights Reserved.

Kill Bill bell-bottoms

The Ark of Heaven
Is the Universe empty?
Scientific “faiths”
Looked behind the veil
spirit world food
The new food chain
No magical retreat
another charismatic hero, like Odysseus
Vampire resurrection soil

a more ancient spirit
Truly a Hopeless Bottom
the Goddess of the Priestesses
What angels “believe”
Six flaming wings
I will ascend to heaven
Temple technology from “Heaven”
A newly evolved super-species
New Faith Empires

The Unbeatable Nation
A Nation of “Angels”
A melding of the old and new faiths
The Void of Heaven
the bottom of the subconscious
Mother God Demeter
lost beings sealed away by the last Ice Age
Nazi sound mirror
the silence of history

spiritual vampirism
the void of prehistory, until the creation of fire
invention or rediscovery?
the altar of god
moving north-south vs. east-west
a single shout, resounding across history
rode out of the empty centuries
a thunderclap sounding across the sky
indecipherable Minoan tablets

’80s simping
the Golden Fleece of Dnieper
out-of-place Greek mechanism

Please do not repost without my permission, but you can support my poetry here! Originally written 6/29/20