Survivor 37: Christian Vs. Lyrsa

Some Post-Week 4 Stats: Rolling Confessional Count More on Confessionals Strategy in General More on Strategy Chats Immunity Stats courtesy of the wonderful RHAP community and the Survivor Fantasy League.  


BB: “Captain of Sports!” AKA The Hammer Falls

JC come back to reality! Tyler is not going to win the POV for you! Kaycee won the POV. Sam is going home and then, next week, you're going home, JC! Wake up! Do something! JC and Sam have both been defeated by believing Tyler was exclusively their 'person.' They’re both on the bottom; they … Continue reading BB: “Captain of Sports!” AKA The Hammer Falls

BB: “Loyal, Honesty, Trust” AKA The Cat’s Paw

Game recognizes game; rat recognizes rat. JC has played a bang-up game. He’s definitely a Tier 2 player. But as I have mentioned, a couple of times before, JC has a real blind spot, when it comes to Tyler. Remember, one of the #48LawsOfPower is ‘Don’t Commit to Anyone.’ This doesn’t mean don’t get married; … Continue reading BB: “Loyal, Honesty, Trust” AKA The Cat’s Paw

BB: Tyler’s Dilemma – “Over It”

Brett and Hay will definitely be back, for future seasons. Tyler, Angela and Kaycee have won 15, out of 18, of the last competitions - as of the Double Eviction. Tyler and Angela have 4 HOH wins, between them, now. The last time anyone, other than Tyler, Angela or Kaycee, won a competition, was back … Continue reading BB: Tyler’s Dilemma – “Over It”