serial killers and aliens
aliens are real
the home of aliens
the descendants of aliens
aliens in Germany and Nazi rockets
touched by the hand of an alien
space travel and peak alien

humanity manipulated by aliens
the truth comes out
between Nazis and aliens
they broke into our world, and shifted history
homeland in the stars
interracial lesbian couple
captured by aliens

aliens, Nazis and zombies
cannibal zombies
radio implant in the brain
trackers in the neck
aliens, Nazis and Nano-chips
get chipped
out-of-place artifact
futuristic ancient astronaut technology

ancient astronauts in Germany
holy ground
rockets and organic chemistry
experiments on the mind
monitored by aliens
aliens in charge
bag and tag
harmed and crippled
body bag

zombies feasting on the dead
Germany, Africa and UFOs
pagans, early Christians and Nazis
alchemy, Nazis, aliens and dissecting humans
a put-together, organized serial killer
something dark thrashing, under the surface
sexual homicide and BDSM
lurking beneath the glass
barely civilized

barbaric, sadistic and cruel
power and control
Nazi era
a society turned inside out
pained and tortured souls
a time of great suffering and alchemy
gathering soul energy and murder

worldwide bloodletting
lead turned into gold
fascists in the streets
abducted and experimented on
aliens or fascist serial killers?
an age devoid of empathy
hiding the Nazis

Love is a Haunting

Sabrina's Haunter

Seaweed twisted and floated overhead. Dappled sunlight cut through the waves and rippled down from above.

Alli was walking, on the shallow ocean floor, in a white suit. Gray, wooden buildings lined the street, on either side, underwater. The doorways yawned, black, empty entrances, that doubled as windows to oblivion.

The water was clear. Nealy also walked, far ahead, in a beige suit, instead – her beige suit. Her orange hair floated behind her, longer than Alli remembered, dangling in a loose braid, stray wisps sticking out in every direction. The halo on a sun. The corona, the crown.

Alli walked behind her, dragging an ax on the ground, holding the yellow handle in her left hand. The blade cut up clods and carved out furrows of brown sand, which curled into clouds, following in Alli’s wake.

Nealy turned and met her gaze. The green eyes that locked with Alli’s, over the thin shoulder were unmistakable. Alli knew it was Nealy, but it could have been anyone. She barely recognized her anymore. The memory was shredded to ribbons.

Alli woke up in tears, staring up into the cold, still night.

I did everything for you, her lone thought hung in the darkness, rattling in the air, like a question.


Second image courtesy of Kristina Stipetic


Beyoncé – “Haunted”