BB: “Parasite?”

Foutte is TRASH

July 29: “4 Days Late”

“On Twitter, there are pictures of Tyler, dressed as a rich man, in his real life. He’s not a “surfer.” He doesn’t need the money – but he has the intelligence to win it.”

Tyler misrepresenting himself in the house, is not a surprise to me. I have some ocean-front property in Ohio, to sell you.

The surfer persona makes him appear dumber than his marks (another one of The 48 Laws of Power), which is why Foutte sees Tyler as some sort of lost lamb/puppy dog, ensnared in Angela’s wiles.

The opposition fails to recognize him as the true mastermind, behind all of Foutte’s failures, and underestimates his potential as a threat, to their peril.

August 11: “The Seduction of Sam?!”

Brett is the best man for Hay, not Scottie or Fessy. And JC is too small. Better luck next time Fessy!”

August 13: “The Bayleigh Vote”

“I still maintain Brett is better for [Hay]If Fessy and Hay were never in the house together, they would have never connected, in the real world.

#Faleigh is not going to exist, after this season. I am Team #Braleigh all the way.

JC as the parasite is completely predictable, but Fessy is so stupid, that he just lets it happen. Tyler actually wins POVs and won the first HOH, but his game-play is similar:

August 6: “DUM BASS”

Tyler is like a parasite: he has invaded people, like Angela, Sam and Bay’s brains, and convinced them, that what’s good for him, is good for them.”

JC won’t latch on to Tyler: he’s letting Tyler and Foutte eliminate Foutte. Then it will be JC vs. Tyler in the inevitable Level 4 civil war.

The eviction of Kaitlyn laid bare that JC has no intention to parasitically bond with Tyler or work for Tyler. The joke vote never lies. JC’s only objective is to beat Tyler.

July 29: “4 Days Late” (2x)

JC’s long game is to destroy Tyler, because only Tyler stands in the way of him winning $500K. The rest are irrelevant. It’s a game between JC and Tyler and the rest of them are just chess pieces, that those two move around. And it’s JC‘s game to lose.”

August 12: “ZERO STARS”

“There’s no St. George, for this dragon, except for maybe JC. Stupid Foutte is getting wiped off the board, as JC and Tyler, move around their chess pieces, toward the final showdown.”

August 1: “The Last Days of Foutte”

“The way the game works, is that the Bottom Five players aren’t even considered by JC. Bay, Fessy, Hay and the like, are ‘Clean-Up on Aisle 3,’ for Tyler. Those who make it through Tyler, get to JC,”

Scottie’s vote against Swaggy is similar to Bay revealing her power app, to Rachel, except with a longer half-life. Scottie, no matter what he does, can’t live this down.

This one kernel of truth unravels all the false accusations leveled against Scottie: JC’s hinky vote; Scottie being the hacker, when Kaycee was the hacker; not voting to save RS (Brett claimed that vote, for Rockstar, in another house meeting) – and Fessy believed this ruse!

It’s like the boy who called wolf: even when Scottie is telling the truth, all Fessy and Co. have to point to, is that one vote against Swaggy. And no one is going to let that one go.

However, this doesn’t excuse Fessy’s stupidity. He actually believes, he and Hay can make a Final Four, with Tyler and Angela. If Scottie goes home this week, which I am almost sure that he will, if he doesn’t win veto – Fessy will be joining him in the jury house, one week later.

Kaitlyn, Bay, Hay, Fessy, and even Scottie, with his brief flirtation with Level 4 – have all tried to join Level 6. They don’t seem to understand that there is even another side of the house, beyond Angela, Tyler and Kaycee. Foutte trusts Brett, the mole, over Scottie, one of their most loyal members, besides the just-evicted Rockstar.

Only recently did it begin to dawn on Hay and Scottie that there is a group of six, running things, in the house. Angela and Kaycee even wrote the number ‘6’ on the underside of the brims, of their OTEV baseball caps.

Speaking of Kaycee, yes, that eviction night speech was Cringe. Kaycee has been a great team-player, in a strong alliance. However, when the incoming Level 4 civil war happens, I wonder if she will actually be able to think for herself and even win.

#TeamSam is pretty much trash. Even after Hammock Brett almost killed Sam, with the dinner of death, Sam still ran back to him and like I referenced earlier, told Brett she liked him, that she saw him as her future husband, and totally believes he feels the same way. Completely #Cringe. Gross. Brett was doing all that he could, not to run out of the room screaming.

Sam doesn’t want Angela stealing Tyler from her and she doesn’t want Hay or Angela stealing Brett from her. I have never seen such insecurity and levels of erotomania i.e. the belief in relationships that don’t actually exist.

I am so disappointed. Never tell anyone you like them. Brett will only use her and manipulate her. Conceal your true intentions, like in the #48LawsOfPower. I have been trying so hard to root for Sam, but now she just seems like she has lost all of her bearings. Ugh.

one day Fessy will figure it out

BB: Lost Power App

Kaitlyn is GONE

Sam, Bay and Fessy are so human and sad and relatable! They just need to get out of their feelings and play the game better!

Off the Block, Ep. 5, was so amazing! I am so happy to see Kaitlyn is OK and that she is going to be OK. I hope she will be back for Survivor 37, or if that is too soon, Celebrity Big Brother, later this year. Love and Light.

I am tough on Tyler, Brett, Kaitlyn, Hay, Bay, Sam, Fessy, Kaycee and JC’s game, but the truth is that I enjoy and appreciate them, as multifaceted people, just trying to survive in this world. This has been a great cast, and as so many have said on Twitter, this is one of the best Big Brother Seasons ever!

I finally got to see Rachel’s strategic blunders, after hearing so much about them. Tyler and Bay had a hypothetical discussion, Bay misremembered it, vaguely, Rachel totally misinterpreted what happened, and alarmed Angela and Kaycee. A Level 6 scramble.

I have heard of the “aggressive black girl” edit, from prior seasons. It’s a little disheartening, because when you look at it, Bay’s HOH week hasn’t been that bad. She’s the first black female HOH, since Big Brother, Season 13. Her noms stayed the same, even though she didn’t win POV. One of Level 6 will go home, even if it’s not the member she wants. The only huge fly in the ointment, is that she told Rachel about her power and now, all of Level 6 and Tyler know about it.

Ep. 16’s edit was actually kinder to Bay, than Ep. 15’s: Fessy was pressuring JC about his one move, in the entire game – which put pressure on Bay; Rachel did put Bay under a ton of stress, after planning to be a pawn, and then making Bay feel bad about the ramifications of being a pawn – being put up next to an alliance member, having to fight for POV, etc.

Rachel continued to pressure Bay, after totally failing the POV, by timing out. I thought Angela was being hard on her former ally, Rachel, but the level of Rachel’s freak-out justified Level 6 washing their hands of her. Rachel just tried too hard. We also got to see how Kaycee has been quietly and subtly playing the game, acting as the wise, calm member of Level 6, when their sky is falling down.

My only fear for Bay, is her trust in Tyler, and again, her belief (like Level 6 and Sam) that Tyler is working for her – and not the other way around. It has been a slower week – someone commented on Twitter, that Bay has been HOH forever – however a double eviction, next week, will definitely make up for the vacuum of drama left by the non-event of Bay’s power app. One sympathetic edit for Bay, was watching Tyler lie to Bay’s face, that he didn’t have his own power app.

Looking ahead: The worst possible scenario, for a double eviction, is Bay and Scottie going home, and the best possible scenario, is Tyler and Brett going home. I really want to root for Foutte, but after being on the wrong side of another vote, if they don’t turn things around fast, they’re aren’t going to be any of them left.

I hope JC (or Bay, or Scottie, or even Sam) can take out Tyler. When will everyone realize Tyler is a competition beast and has been safe, despite being exposed, as HOH and in several POVs? He is the number one threat!

As for the social/personal element, Bay may need to tone it down with the ‘Tasmanian devil’ and ‘munchkin’ comments, about JC. She also didn’t see anything wrong with Sam calling the honor of two women into question. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it can be unpopular, like Sam’s. However, these social issues are rubbing fans the wrong way, in regard to Bay.

Bay has also been pressuring Hay to cater to Fessy, while at the same time, fanning the flames of Fessy’s jealousy, by pointing out Hay is spending a ton of time with Brett. She seems to be trying to control them, by pitting them against each other – the same way JC wanted to get rid of Kaitlyn, because Kaitlyn was taking Fessy away from him. According to that rubric, Hay may soon end up sauntering into the crosshairs. To casuals, this seems like very villainous behavior from HOH Bay. I would cool it, Bay.

As for Fessy, I feel sorry for him. He is just a normal person, with a very hot girlfriend. It takes a lot of confidence and mental power to make such a relationship work – resilience that I don’t think Fessy has yet. The obstacle of Kaitlyn made their attraction explosive and helpful, but now that Kaitlyn is gone, they are drifting, and their relationship is getting in the way of their game. It might be time to call it quits.

As for Sam, she got a hard edit in “Off the Block” Ep. 5. She took a very personal swipe at Hay and Kaitlyn – even though Kaitlyn saved her, Week One. As I noted, back then, she said no to One-On-Ones.

From what I hear, off the live feeds, it seems like Sam has continued her solo crafting, post HOH – corn-hole, dream-catchers, spider in a jar, etc.. She’s such a gentle, creative soul; I feel sorry for her, because I see a lot of that same tough girl spirit, in Sam, that I see in myself. But she also seems like a pioneer woman, on a very lonely frontier.

We’re still in the mid-game. Bay and Sam still have time to turn this around. Come together and get out sneaky Tyler! All my criticism of Bay and Sam comes from a place of love, because I empathize and relate to them. Don’t disappoint me!

Bay, the Terrible