Revisiting #BB20 and #BB21

“Scottie is 99.99% going home”

Fessy actually got Hay, in real life, so he was vindicated.

“This week has been a wake-up call not just for the weakness of Scottie’s game, but Hay’s as well.”

I liked how #BB21 just gave up on showmances, and just did the more realistic thing: FWBs. Way easier. No one needs a showmance to humanize them. just do FWBs. Kaycee won. You definitely don’t need a showmance to win the game.

“I hope #Faleigh is over for good and doesn’t resume after the show.”

Ironically, everyone was hating on desperate and pathetic Fessy, but Fessy and Hay are still together, to this day.

#Tangela, in the game, was broken up – but resumed right after the game. Everyone got what they wanted, in the end. The Final 2, between Tyler and Kaycee, remained intact.

The difference between Kaycee and Christine, is like the difference between Survivor: Borneo’s Richard Hatch and Survivor: Africa’s Brandon. One is cool and calm, the other more emotional. Both cool and calm Richard Hatch and Kaycee, were their respective seasons’ winners.

Tyler voted out Angela – but their romance survived the show. The showmance was literally to make Tyler and Angela seem more human, but weirdly enough, it was legitimate.

Scottie was just “watching the show, from inside the house! ” — In #BB21, a twist allowed evicted house-guests to do just that.