The Locke and the Short of It

Locke has the same car as Ted Bundy: The VW bug – speaking of a serial killers, on the Lost Island. Locke isn’t the son of God, but the son of Hades, and his inheritance is the Netherworld (quite literally with the Man in Black being stuck in his own pocket dimension: the Island).

Both his parents betray Locke. His mom was a typical, gold digging, ’70s hippie. His mom didn’t even want to acknowledge the pregnancy. Locke’s parents deserved each other. Poor Locke.

When I built my whole underground complex, in Minecraft, there was a huge main entrance and two small “hatches.” I built my fortress in 2013, before I first saw Lost, in 2014. Locke and Boone could have looked for another opening.

Boone’s death wasn’t Locke’s fault, per se, but running away and lying (like his con man dad would have done) didn’t do his guilty image any favors. Faith, the opiate of the masses, can fail. Makes sense that priests and heroin would be on the same plane.

Locke, runs away, after bringing Boone to the camp. His dad abandons him, after taking away his kidney. Like father, like son. Cooper tricks Locke. Locke tricks Boone. The sin repeats. Locke was supposedly immaculately conceived. The Virgin Mary statues on the plane were hollowed out, to smuggle heroin. Faith unrewarded – or at least defeated, temporarily, by reason. Clothes decaying would take only a few years, in a jungle.

Boone’s whole horror movie reveal, about the maid, in his childhood, was pretty much a huge bit of foreshadowing. It was a sideways prophecy, (like a flash sideways), that Boone wouldn’t survive the episode. Lost Island group telepathy. Hive mind. Boone survived one plane crash, just to die, in another. Boone was the true Icarus, for the surviving Locke, who is Daedalus.

Abandoned by Heaven and Hell – but not by the Island. At the last moment, a light comes on in the Hatch. Desmond has been down there, in the Hatch time capsule, for decades. He has learned to ignore whatever is up there, on the Surface. The light was both happenstance, and fate. Desmond turned on the light, and the Man in the Black sent Locke a sign.

A light comes on in the Hatch. It was big, when I saw it, half a decade ago. Like finding out we’re not the only intelligent life, in the universe – whether that life is in outer space, or in some warped, quantum dimension / timeline continuity.

Locke regaining his power to walk, on the island, is, in part, due to his faith. When his faith wavers, he suddenly can’t walk anymore, or feel his lower limbs and feet. Psychosomatic v. The Island giveth and the Island taketh away.

LOST. Season 1. The Re-watch!

The switch from the ’90s to the 2000s was like the switch from the ’70s to the ’80s. Science to emotion. 1984. That’s the tonal shift that goes through all of Lost – science to faith and spirituality. From the science of the Vietnam War, back to ancient Egypt, Sumer and Mesopotamia.

In 1984, the world didn’t end – but the world as we know it ended. In string theory, there are 11 dimensions. In 1984, something came through the veil, something so terrible and vast, that even the two Cold War enemies could be united against it. [Fictional references – Watchmen, Akira, FullMetal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Stranger Things, Hellboy, Gravity’s Rainbow.]

People called in the 1920s, and something answered in the 1940s. People called in the 1970s, and something answered in 1984. Heck, some calls in the 1920s, didn’t come through until 1984. What was called to in the deep? It’s all very Lovecraft. That’s the kind of stuff I liked about Lost.

There are more irrational numbers – that can not be represented with fractions – than rational numbers, and even more transcendental numbers – like pi, that can’t be the solution, in an algebraic equation – than even those.

Maybe Lost is secretly on a good exoplanet, with Earth-like oceans and a stable atmosphere. Minecraft and Lost aren’t After the End; they’re new beginnings. After Earth. But in a good way.

I like the idea of the smoke monster appearing differently, to every person. The smoke monster is whatever you want it to be. And, of course, for someone who so desperately needs to believe, like Locke, the smoke monster would be beautiful.