Event Horizon

finds redemption in art
square off with the past
to live a life, with meaning
what life could be
what life should be
find confidence in who I am
penance for past sins
forgiveness for when I lost my way

going back to the beginning
and how I saved myself
replay it all again
would I do it all the same
what I would do, to run the timeline over

re-reel the loop
find vindication
stumble upon a new revelation
rebuild my life
be anointed once again
jump, fast-forward, into the future

an international meme
the Queen has risen
elevated to pure imagery and symbolism
Nazis and aliens
find redemption and forgiveness
float in a dreamlike state

sins and experiments
washed away by purifying light
by the true stories, of yesterday
an epiphany, a reason, a rationale
a time to rise again
watch the fascism dither away
rid yourself of evil
save the future

Alchemy, Part II

vampire hunters, alchemists and shamans
old magic and binding
wake the dead
voodoo and Palo gods
the science of reanimation
the Philosopher’s Stone
old gods

at the crossroads
two powerful shamans
locked in time, forever
completed immortality
contemplating eternity

to hell and back
the reality of damnation
raise the dead
return from the underworld
the River Styx
lesbian love, for all time
astral projected spirit
risen from the dead

transportation and teleportation
young shamans and alchemists helping each other
making peace with Mom
inherit the earth
be blessed
happy witches