BB: Life After Kaitlyn

Bay is competing with Sam, for the worst HOH ever. I went in, giving her the benefit of the doubt (even though, I don't know how Bay won HOH yet). As time went on, and I learned more, my position became more and more untenable: I love Bay personally, but she cannot play this game. … Continue reading BB: Life After Kaitlyn


BB: “ThunderKlap!!”

It must have been written in the stars... July 9th: Kaitlyn on a Rampage "A thunderous, resounding clapback is headed Kaitlyn’s way...Perhaps, Tyler will consider her a liability, once she’s no longer HOH, and both Level 6 and Foute will agree to oust her. When you think about it, unwittingly, Tyler has set Kaitlyn up … Continue reading BB: “ThunderKlap!!”

BB: “Last call for Swayleigh”

I went and watched Swaggy/Chris on Kawaii Nicole's YouTube channel. That was painful! I mean, if he can recognize that Paul (#BB, #TAR) is not in his league, why would Jessica Graf be in your league, Swaggy? He clicked on the fake link, someone sent him. Graf invites you, Swaggy; you don't demand to speak … Continue reading BB: “Last call for Swayleigh”

BB: Busted Faysal Love Triangle

Inconvenient truths: Winston looked like the next Patrick Bateman on his eviction night, and Bay was completely taking JC's examples out of context. Speaking of villains, like Bateman, Kaitlyn is in for a rude awakening, when she gets out of the house. Jessica Graf was totally in the clear. After #BB20, Kaitlyn will have no … Continue reading BB: Busted Faysal Love Triangle