BB: Shooting Fish in a Barrel

even Tyler fans say he cheated

For the last time: “HEY!”

Scottie exposed the #Cuddlemance. I feel a little sad for him. Hay didn’t like him. Angela didn’t like him. With no female, he felt lost in the house. His emotions made him confused and got in the way of his game. But if you’re going to go out, go out with a bang? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Scottie, joins Fessy, and in a weaker fashion, JC and Brett, in subconsciously attacking Tyler, through Angela. JC and Brett want to get rid of Angela. They want to break up ‘Angela and Kaycee.’ But really JC and Brett – especially JC – want to break up Angela and Tyler.

JC just needs to let it go. Tyler is never going to choose JC or put him first. No, we didn’t exactly get the #TylerExposedParty we wanted – again. Angela joins an extensive line of women, taking shots, for Tyler, including Bay, Sam, Hay and Kaitlyn.

Speaking of meat shields, for Tyler, Kaycee may be next. Kaycee will get rid of Hay, for Tyler – only because Tyler still, unbelievably, thinks he can beat her, in the Final Two. Fortunately, Tyler himself may finally get burned, with this last meat shield, when Kaycee wins, while sitting next to Tyler, on Finale Night.

Typical Tyler Meat Shield Behavior: Sam, when you ask Tyler if Angela is talking trash about you, do you really think Tyler is going to say ‘Yes, Angela is talking trash about you’?? C’mon Sam!

Sam is a force of nature. The term ‘rational actor’ simply doesn’t apply to her. This is not a compliment or a criticism; it’s just the best way I can conceptualize Sam, at this point. Sam clings, like Velcro, while Tyler – before #Tangela anyway – was like Teflon, anti-cling. I liked anti-cling Tyler.

Still, as I said with Bay’s disastrous HOH term, absolute power, corrupts absolutely. Yes, Tyler is such a talented player, that second-term HOH-itis won’t destroy him, the way HOH-itis totaled Bay and Sam. But even Taran and others have noticed that Tyler is getting complacent. “Go tell your friends,” indeed. Unforced error. Unnecessary. Tyler, you’re better than this. Cringey.

Stop promoting #Tangela so much, production. It pushes people away. If Tyler seems like he’s won, before he’s won the ultimate goal of $500K, that showmance just builds jealousy and resentment.

Speaking of Survivor 37: David vs. Goliath, the good guy gets beat down, until he or she wins. The bad guy wins, until he or she finally gets beat down. The good guy story-line is the one you want, from the time of Joseph, in Egypt, during the Iron Age.

Sitcom protagonists are either married at the beginning of their story-line, or spend the entire series single, until the very end. Making the protagonist single is a terrific, effortless way to build tension and drive the story-line.

So, unless Tyler owns his arch-villain meme and story arc, and stops pretending to be the good guy, Tyler and #Tangela is going to continue to rub people the wrong way. Tyler win first, and then get your romance – not the other way around.

Beef Sauce - Tay Zonday

“Oh #BBBaby…It’s a House Meeting!??”

sam ftw

Wow! Where do I begin? This Season is truly delivering!

Yes, good-hearted Sam is Bay’s only hope at this point. Bay has made a ton of mistakes, and we’ve all called her on it – but life does give us second chances sometimes, especially if we learn from those mistakes.

The crucible of the House Meeting wasn’t truly the #TylerExposedParty we’ve all been waiting for. That was the POV comp, surprisingly. Angela had to have a POV, that Scottie and Tyler won, fair and square.

If anything, the meeting did finally hammer home to Bay what super-fans have been warning her of all along – Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are not your friends, and they will find any reason, rationalization or justification they need, to get rid of you, Bay. #48LawsOfPower.

Level 4 has made it abundantly clear, that it doesn’t matter if Bay is the Hacker, or not – which is why the house meeting, although urgently needed to clear the air and provide a sense of closure, didn’t achieve the strategic aims that Foutte had in mind: changing Level 4’s mind, on getting rid of Bay.

Similar to all the twists this season, the Hacker comp was undermined – this time by the POV – and simply became a convenient excuse for Level 4 to ax Bay. It would have been far more honorable for them to just be honest, and say that they were getting Bay out, because of her power app. However, making Bay feel like a target would have spooked her into using her power and prevented a backdoor. Level 4 desperately want to flush out that “idol.”

Bay was gullible enough not to use her power this week. She is in a Catch-22: either she uses her power and becomes a target, or she gets voted out, because she has a power, and is a threat.

Bay’s other only real hope now is that production may want her power app used. The Hacker’s powers really elbowed the power apps out-of-the-way, but production will be pretty miffed to see someone voted out, with his or her power app/idol, in their pocket.

Bay and Tyler’s screaming match alone, however frightening, was good TV. I was on the Twitter hashtag and Joker’s Updates, at the same time, watching the epic showdown unfold, live. Tyler may want Bay gone, but unlike Rachel and Kaitlyn, Bay is not going to ‘go quietly, into that good night!’

If Bay had the opportunity to stay, she would finally put up real targets, like Angela and Tyler, now that she knows that she will never make it into Level 4. That would also make for good TV, as well as for a good strategy. The scales have finally fallen off Bay’s eyes.

There will be a double eviction and a buy-back or a battle back, this season. If I were the HGs, I would want to keep Bay around, instead of risking her wrath, when she possibly comes back into the house, a la Kaitlyn – back when Sam’s power app was in play.

Bay may not be as cool as Bad Girl Kaitlyn. However, Bay is definitely a force of nature to be feared. It’s better to be feared, than to be loved (Machiavelli), at least, as far as power is concerned.

It is a game, and people lie but Bay still has more of a leg to stand on, justice-wise, than Kaitlyn, since, for better or worse, she was falsely accused of being the Hacker.

Finally, Tyler is developing a pattern. Now he’s romancing and actually kissing Angela, in the HOH room! However, if Angela is as smart, as many people seem to think she is, she would see that Tyler’s road to the $500K is littered with discarded females – Kaitlyn, Rachel, Bay possibly, and if she’s not careful, Angela herself.

Regarding other females Tyler may end up feeding to the fishes, I finally understand Sam and Kaycee’s attachment to Tyler: it’s not romantic. A clip from the live feeds showed me that Sam views Kaycee, Tyler and herself as her adopted family unit, inside the BB house.

At home, it is just Sam’s Mom, her little brother and herself. Now Kaycee is her Mom and Tyler is her little brother; this is what has been keeping Sam sane, inside this house. However, now that Tyler’s true colors have been partially revealed, Sam may want to reevaluate so closely identifying this villain with her beloved sibling.

Angela is still in my Final Five. I have no problem with Ice Queens: one of my favorite kids’ cartoon characters is Elsa, from Frozen. However, similar to Bay, and Kaitlyn, she must realize that, at some level, Tyler is using her.

It would be better for Angela to come to that realization, sooner, rather than later. It’s not the debunked female alliance that the game needs but an effective anti-Tyler alliance. Get the holy water and the silverware.

I like Rockstar as a person; she’s a mother of three. She’s a free-spirit and an independent thinker in the house. I would hate to see her go. However, because RS is so bad at comps, the other side may keep her around, as a goat, and keep putting her up on the block, to get rid of whoever she is sitting next to, on eviction night. This may come to end with the double eviction, if it’s next week – but if it isn’t, RS may be stuck in this rut for some time to come.

It would be better for the drama of the show for Bay to stay and use her power, to finally target Tyler and one other Level 4 person, redeeming herself, for her weaker nominations, during her actual HOH week – even if Bay goes home, right after Tyler goes home.

The three remaining members of Foutte – Hay, RS, and Fessy (Scottie is now in Level 4), have to win the HOH, Hacker comp and the POV comp, to have any sort of chance, and the probability of such a sequence of events happening, is very low. If Bay goes, the game will go to an individual game, like in Survivor, after a merge.

They are too few people, and too many independents playing or pretending to play the middle, for the two sides of Foutte (FOH) and Level 4 to matter anymore. I will just cheer for my favorites, like JC, Kaycee, Scottie and Sam, at that point.

Bay leaving is still a distinct possibility. If Sam doesn’t use her swing vote, Foutte does not have the numbers. This was the main reason Foutte’s Hacker win failed: they just weren’t represented well enough, in the POV comp – the comp that actually mattered.

Bay was, once again, so gullible, that Angela and Kaycee planted seeds in her mind: noms should stay the same, and Kaycee should play in the POV comp. Bay was then dumb enough to repeat this to Hay, the actual Hacker. Lo and behold, Kaycee plays in the veto, and Level 4 has their “proof,” that Bay is the Hacker.

Worse, this comp would have been perfect for Fessy, the football player, and he would have likely won and kept noms the same, or put Scottie back up on the block, next to Tyler.

Scottie and Tyler were the nominations Hay the Hacker should have made, in the first place, by taking RS down. When you commit to a course of action (COA), you have to commit yourself fully – or don’t bother at all.

If Bay goes, I have made my peace with this eviction. Whether Level 4 believes Hay or not, Bay’s name was publicly cleared, of being the Hacker. Bay did tell Rachel about her power and she did fail to put Tyler and Brett up, in the first place, when she was HOH and had the power to do so. I wish Bay only the best in life.

I am sure Bay and Swaggy will get married and raise a beautiful family together. As long as they’re happy and mentally ready for this next stage of life, I don’t judge Bay at all. Before she became HOH, Bay played a great game and could have won it all.

...And yet, I still love Sam