BB: “Rockslide!”

Sam in the House

Fessy plays the game as well as a sack of rocks. He’s ‘OK’ with Tyler, but wants to get rid of Scottie, one of the last few people in Foutte’s alliance, besides Hay.

Fessy is after Brett and Scottie, the competitors for Hay’s heart. He’s not playing for the $500K. He is playing strictly with his heart. Fessy is ready to let Tyler get away, for another week. At this rate, Tyler is never going to be voted out anytime soon. He’s never been in any real danger.

Scottie’s going home Thursday. I am calling it now. Kaitlyn got rid of Swaggy. Hay let RS go home during her HOH. Fessy is going to take out Scottie, for personal reasons (Scottie’s crush on Hay).

Scottie is still the best thing to ever happen to Foutte. He needs to win the veto and save himself from Foutte’s stupidity. Kaitlyn’s spirit animals are still haunting the house and taking revenge on Foutte, by allowing them to fight each other and destroy one another.

Fessy is going home, the week after the next. Foutte is all going to join each other, one after the other, in the jury house.

Fessy also repeated the great Foutte tradition of making bad strategic decisions from the HOH bathroom, like Hay’s wine-fueled bath tub pitch to Tyler, to use the veto on Rockstar.

Stop with the backdooring; just put people up straightaway.

Foutte wins competitions – but not the ones that matter; Tyler has won multiple POVs, including OTEV.

Sam and Kaycee? I ‘ship’ them, more than any pairing with Sam. They were hugging each other so much, after RS left. Sam returned to her first love.

Brett almost killed Sam, with some seeds she was allergic to, in a dinner he made for her. If that’s not a sign, from the universe, that they shouldn’t be together, I don’t know what is.

Sam was the only vote to save Bay, but this week, suddenly, like the crocodile tears of Hay and Fessy, last week, Sam supposedly ‘just wanted to vote with the house.’ Future HGs should retire this tired excuse forever. As I’ve said before, YOU make your own majority, YOU accumulate your own numbers.

It’s like Rule #3 of the 48 Laws of Power: never tell anyone that you like them. Conceal your true intentions. Bad move Sam. Brett is not the one for her! Sam needs a nurturer and Brett will not be able to deal with Sam’s level of uniqueness.

Sam is the kind of person, who can survive on her own, but she needs just one person, who gets her – one person who is ‘her person.’ Bay is gone, so is RS; so now, Sam’s ‘person’ is Brett, of all people.

The level of commitment, that Sam requires, is too much for Brett to handle. He won’t have the mental bandwidth to cater to Sam. Then she will be hurt and take the whole issue very hard, since Sam already has self-esteem issues. Angela may be traditionally hot, but Sam is the beautiful girl-next-door. I don’t know why she can’t see that in herself and be more confident.

Foutte is committed to the ‘fairness’ of Rockstar, or people like Fessy, being ‘a man of his word.’ No one in Foutte is intellectually dumb. But street smarts would teach Foutte that the only thing that really matters is power – who has the numbers, who has the majority.

Words mean nothing without actions. Pinky promises are made to be broken, at one’s first convenience. Just ask Tyler.  “The 48 Laws of Power,” “The Prince,” and “The Art of War” should be required reading for all HGs, before they enter the BB house.

Rockstar is not legendary, in any sense of the word. The only HG that I am excited to see in Celebrity Big Brother, Survivor and such, is Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is a Legend.

sip that Tea


BB: “Rockdud”

you don't have brett

Bay and Swaggy just weren’t Wendell and Laurel. They were always going to break everyone’s hearts.

There’s no winning against Tyler stans or Level 6 stans, in general. Of course, Level 6 and the independents are playing a better game, but their stans feel so entitled to Level 6’s game, like they’re the ones, in the house, playing. Most neutral observers find Level 6 stans more annoying, than Level 6 themselves. I am here for the game, not any one side.

I was very irked by the whole Tyler #JODY situation. But even Bay can be defended: Swaggy shouldn’t have made money off her likeness on the Swayleigh shirts, while she was in the house, and here Swaggy is, going to her parents’ house, but what if, especially after that #JODY moment, Bay doesn’t like Swaggy, that way, anymore?

No matter what you say, no matter how bland or PC you try to be, someone is always going to have a problem with it. Don’t feed the trolls.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say RS was trying to help Tyler win. Probably after Bay left, RS didn’t want to stay in the house anymore, and Rockstar’s whole fight to suddenly stay in the game, was all a front.

As Taran, from Rob Has a Podcast, put it, RS should just live every week like it’s ‘Opposite Day,’ since when she wants to go, RS stays – and when RS wants to stay, she is going to go. I can’t believe, last week, Bay went home, with a power app, in her pocket, only for a super negative Rockstar to just go home, the next week.

RS thinks the vote is going to be 5-1, for her to stay. As one Twitter inhabitant put it, maybe the emoji pillows, on the sofa, are voting.

RS thought Bay was evicted with 8 or more votes; Fessy thought Rockstar was already gone, when she hadn’t even been evicted (yet). JC spilled the Tea to Fessy this week, on how Hay got hacker and did what she wanted. Bay told Rachel about her power. Foutte is awful.

JC is no longer playing the middle (Brett is the mole now). JC has finally gotten over his crush on Fessy and is no longer talking game with him.

Foutte doesn’t communicate, they don’t trust each other, and they can’t keep secrets, within their own alliance. They appear solid on the outside, since they’re always hanging out with each other, but Foutte just conducts its own mini-purges, internally. Bay was the last dictator to hold them together, and now RS is going home, during Hay’s HOH.

Foutte is like a cult or the USSR: they believe whatever reality, they desire, outside their circle, is going to manifest itself ‘logically,’ but they never venture outside their circle, collect information, from outside their circle and they have no idea what’s going on, out in the world, outside their little bubble.

Meanwhile, Kaycee, as the hacker, tells Tyler, Brett and Angela, and they strategize together, on how to effectively discomfit Foutte. The fact that Kaycee was the hacker, never left Level 6. They communicate with each other and actually plant moles or use the independents, to gather information, about what the other side is thinking and doing. Knowledge is power.

The people of Foutte are book-smart, but they are not as street smart as Level 6. RS wants nominations to be ‘fair’ and is upset that she’s been on the block, so many times (Blockstar), when Rockstar has been put on the block because she’s not a strong enough competitor, to ever win the POV and save herself. Foutte actually thought Tyler was going to use the veto on Rockstar.

I’m over Rockstar, and I won’t shed too many tears when she goes. I am over the sides. I was just going to be #TeamSam, but there seems to be no happy middle with Sam.

Sam’s either a mess, falling into negative and unhelpful Rockstar’s arms – or she’s Tyler’s handmaid/lap-dog and has this petty jealousy, against Angela, and wants Tyler all to herself.

Sam was also hugging Brett, for two minutes, the other day – but I don’t see that relationship happening, ever. I can’t understand Sam and she’s disappointing me. I may be going back to just having a Final Four of JC, Kaycee, Scottie and Angela.