BB: Double Eviction


“Yaaassssss” (as RS would say), #BadWeekBayleigh is a thing. People are officially celebrating the end of Bay’s HOH reign, with GIFs of the Carlton, from Fresh Prince. Legions of Bay stans and apologists, have tried to understand the logic of Bay revealing her secret power to Rachel, and failed.

Bay’s reign has had the most people screaming at the TV, in a long time. I said from the beginning, ‘Put up Tyler,’ but Bay was enveloped in that mist.

The best-case scenario for the double eviction, is for Tyler and Brett to go home – and the worst, would be Bay and Scottie going home. Probability-wise, it would be safe-to-say, the reality will fall somewhere between those two extremes – a male and a female going home, a Foutte member and a Level 6 member going home.

Regardless of what happens, I want Tyler to go home. By my own rubric, Tyler will go home in the double eviction – but to balance that out (like the universe has some fairness slotting machine, or something), it is very likely that female Foutte member Bay could be going home, next week, as well.

Wouldn’t that double eviction be so satisfying karma-wise, if it happened? The con artist and the mark, both out, in a flash. The drama of the Swaggy C eviction tied up, at last. Tyler, the mastermind of Swaggy going home, finally gets what is coming for him – and Bay, too dumb to see through Tyler’s mist, is re-united with a thunderstruck, and probably irate Swaggy. Just like Kaitlyn, Bay? #SheGone.

My Final Five, now Four, hasn’t changed. No one has ascended, in the same dramatic way, that Rachel descended. It’s still Scottie, JC, Kaycee and Angela, until the end (the BB gods heard me; Scottie wasn’t backdoored by Tyler’s stupid plan, that Bay almost ‘manifested’ into existence).

Sam just hasn’t risen to Final Five status. Granted, looking for bats in the backyard and schooling HGs on the finer points of preserving honey, may be her way of laying low – but this seems more like irrelevance, instead of a strategy.

Kaycee is invisible, but she is playing the game, and is a respected member of Level 6. Same goes for Angela, even though most casuals, saw her for the first time, since Week One, only last night.

Sam’s post-HOH week has been uneventful, given the attention being focused on Rachel and Tyler, but she is just skating by, under the radar. Before it gets to the Final Five, she will be picked off, as a floater.

As for Rachel, I am not shedding too many tears. I have never seen anyone run so fast, to fall on their own sword. As for Tyler, we need to only remember how a miffed jury, tied the vote on Dom and handed the win to Wendell. However, he should not be allowed to get that far. HGs wake up: if Tyler doesn’t leave now, he will win the game.

Everyone is worried about looking out for Tyler, cleaning-up after Tyler – but Tyler isn’t going to share his $500K with you, HGs. Rachel got on his bad side and she is gone this week. That’s the only reason. If anyone, besides Tyler, wants to win this game – JC, Kaycee, I am looking at you – they had better start playing down-and-dirty, pronto.

Love and Light

BB: Life After Kaitlyn


Bay is competing with Sam, for the worst HOH ever.

I went in, giving her the benefit of the doubt (even though, I don’t know how Bay won HOH yet). As time went on, and I learned more, my position became more and more untenable: I love Bay personally, but she cannot play this game. Now that I have learned everything she has said, verbatim, I am wondering if I still like her personally and I know she has destroyed her, and all of Foutte’s game.

We went from Bay being able to possibly claim credit for 1) backdooring Tyler (Exceeds the standard), which now can’t happen, to 2) let’s just get Brett out (Meets the standard) to 3) Scottie could very well go home (Fails to meet the standard!).

Scottie is the best thing that ever happened to Foutte and their only rep for the Final Five. Now Bay is not only going to end up eliminating him, but all of Foutte is going to die on that hill. Scottie is their Call for Fire. Without him, Foutte will be overrun by enemy infantry.

Bay had the worst case of HOH-itis I have ever seen. She got into the weeds on things that didn’t matter, micromanaged and unnecessarily annoyed her alliance, and worse, told the enemy a play-by-play of how her power app works, when her entire app, Identity Theft, depends on secrecy and none of the nomination changes being traced back to her!

On top of that, she had no problem reminding Rachel of her power app’s weakness: that changing the noms, does not prevent Bay from being put up as a replacement nominee, if someone wins the POV and uses it.

Bay, Fessy and Hay have all been displaying Bottom Five behavior. I highly overestimated Bay’s potential, even when I put her in my Bottom Five. She is the final nail in the coffin, for Foutte. Never trust Tyler. With women like Kaitlyn and Bay, even Tyler’s wackiest and least probable ideas, become reality.

JC, the Merciful, AKA Vampire Hunter, just has to sit back and watch Tyler further expose himself and watch Foutte finally destroy each other (FOH, worst alliance in BB history). My Final Five/Four remains the same, minus if Scottie goes home, instead of Rachel. Brett is still way too exposed, and I don’t consider him Final Five material. (The Final Five includes: JC, Scottie, Rachel, Angela and Kaycee).

Just my notes on this utter mess of a HOH; it’s like the office of the HOH has no power anymore, because its inhabitants have managed to mismanage its powers so thoroughly. Scottie was the last paradigm of a great HOH, since he #PulledUp and won the POV.

Words and promises are nothing without weight and action behind them. An HOH’s job is to listen, not speak; why is Bay telling Rachel and Tyler all of her plans and all about her app? Bottom Five behavior for sure, along with Fessy and Hay.

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