BB First Impressions


– Swaggy C is cool. He has a great confidence. What do you think of the showmance though? They seem like they actually like each other – but will it help their game?

So far though, the day trader has things under control. Tyler tried to resist, by not putting up Angela. However, I was so glad when Swaggy C decided to keep the people he came into the house with. That’s exactly what Angela said she would do to him! If she was smart, they would have made a deal to run the whole game, regardless of who won.

– Do you get a bad vibe from Kaitlyn? One moment, she’s all “Namaste” and the next, she’s tearing into Swaggy C in the storage room. I inherently don’t trust such duality, that can turn on a dime, like that. But she is in Swaggy C’s alliance. We’ll see.

– The robot is a cool experiment, but Sam was not handling it well. Thankfully, the buzz generated on the outside got her a new life. Her experience answers a lot of questions about why we have flesh bodies, as opposed to plastic ones, but that’s more for philosophy!

What do you think? What do you think about the undercover NYPD cop/professor Steve?