BB: “Parasite?”

Foutte is TRASH

July 29: “4 Days Late”

“On Twitter, there are pictures of Tyler, dressed as a rich man, in his real life. He’s not a “surfer.” He doesn’t need the money – but he has the intelligence to win it.”

Tyler misrepresenting himself in the house, is not a surprise to me. I have some ocean-front property in Ohio, to sell you.

The surfer persona makes him appear dumber than his marks (another one of The 48 Laws of Power), which is why Foutte sees Tyler as some sort of lost lamb/puppy dog, ensnared in Angela’s wiles.

The opposition fails to recognize him as the true mastermind, behind all of Foutte’s failures, and underestimates his potential as a threat, to their peril.

August 11: “The Seduction of Sam?!”

Brett is the best man for Hay, not Scottie or Fessy. And JC is too small. Better luck next time Fessy!”

August 13: “The Bayleigh Vote”

“I still maintain Brett is better for [Hay]If Fessy and Hay were never in the house together, they would have never connected, in the real world.

#Faleigh is not going to exist, after this season. I am Team #Braleigh all the way.

JC as the parasite is completely predictable, but Fessy is so stupid, that he just lets it happen. Tyler actually wins POVs and won the first HOH, but his game-play is similar:

August 6: “DUM BASS”

Tyler is like a parasite: he has invaded people, like Angela, Sam and Bay’s brains, and convinced them, that what’s good for him, is good for them.”

JC won’t latch on to Tyler: he’s letting Tyler and Foutte eliminate Foutte. Then it will be JC vs. Tyler in the inevitable Level 4 civil war.

The eviction of Kaitlyn laid bare that JC has no intention to parasitically bond with Tyler or work for Tyler. The joke vote never lies. JC’s only objective is to beat Tyler.

July 29: “4 Days Late” (2x)

JC’s long game is to destroy Tyler, because only Tyler stands in the way of him winning $500K. The rest are irrelevant. It’s a game between JC and Tyler and the rest of them are just chess pieces, that those two move around. And it’s JC‘s game to lose.”

August 12: “ZERO STARS”

“There’s no St. George, for this dragon, except for maybe JC. Stupid Foutte is getting wiped off the board, as JC and Tyler, move around their chess pieces, toward the final showdown.”

August 1: “The Last Days of Foutte”

“The way the game works, is that the Bottom Five players aren’t even considered by JC. Bay, Fessy, Hay and the like, are ‘Clean-Up on Aisle 3,’ for Tyler. Those who make it through Tyler, get to JC,”

Scottie’s vote against Swaggy is similar to Bay revealing her power app, to Rachel, except with a longer half-life. Scottie, no matter what he does, can’t live this down.

This one kernel of truth unravels all the false accusations leveled against Scottie: JC’s hinky vote; Scottie being the hacker, when Kaycee was the hacker; not voting to save RS (Brett claimed that vote, for Rockstar, in another house meeting) – and Fessy believed this ruse!

It’s like the boy who called wolf: even when Scottie is telling the truth, all Fessy and Co. have to point to, is that one vote against Swaggy. And no one is going to let that one go.

However, this doesn’t excuse Fessy’s stupidity. He actually believes, he and Hay can make a Final Four, with Tyler and Angela. If Scottie goes home this week, which I am almost sure that he will, if he doesn’t win veto – Fessy will be joining him in the jury house, one week later.

Kaitlyn, Bay, Hay, Fessy, and even Scottie, with his brief flirtation with Level 4 – have all tried to join Level 6. They don’t seem to understand that there is even another side of the house, beyond Angela, Tyler and Kaycee. Foutte trusts Brett, the mole, over Scottie, one of their most loyal members, besides the just-evicted Rockstar.

Only recently did it begin to dawn on Hay and Scottie that there is a group of six, running things, in the house. Angela and Kaycee even wrote the number ‘6’ on the underside of the brims, of their OTEV baseball caps.

Speaking of Kaycee, yes, that eviction night speech was Cringe. Kaycee has been a great team-player, in a strong alliance. However, when the incoming Level 4 civil war happens, I wonder if she will actually be able to think for herself and even win.

#TeamSam is pretty much trash. Even after Hammock Brett almost killed Sam, with the dinner of death, Sam still ran back to him and like I referenced earlier, told Brett she liked him, that she saw him as her future husband, and totally believes he feels the same way. Completely #Cringe. Gross. Brett was doing all that he could, not to run out of the room screaming.

Sam doesn’t want Angela stealing Tyler from her and she doesn’t want Hay or Angela stealing Brett from her. I have never seen such insecurity and levels of erotomania i.e. the belief in relationships that don’t actually exist.

I am so disappointed. Never tell anyone you like them. Brett will only use her and manipulate her. Conceal your true intentions, like in the #48LawsOfPower. I have been trying so hard to root for Sam, but now she just seems like she has lost all of her bearings. Ugh.

one day Fessy will figure it out

BB: “The Seduction of Sam?”

lol hay

Sam called it, re. gay/bi Fessy, and I trust her reads on people. Fessy is called #MessyFessy, on Twitter, because of his slipshod game-play, but apparently he takes three showers a day!

I am not judging him at all. I think Fessy is a great guy. But he may have to take a hint that Hay isn’t as into him, as he thinks he is into her. Brett is the best man for Hay, not Scottie or Fessy. And JC is too small. Better luck next time Fessy!

Sam has worked as a waitress, a hairdresser and a bartender, in addition to her job as a welder. These are all professions that require good listening, over always speaking, and assessing a person’s mental situation, in mere seconds.

Almost everyone is hating on Sam, on Twitter, especially Tyler stans, who want her gone, before she can spill the beans on Tyler’s Cloud app power. However, I still maintain that Sam could win the whole thing. She has finally ascended to my Final Five, replacing Rachel.

The crush on Brett (!) took many people by surprise, including me – although, if true, it totally explains Sam’s confusion and hurt. There’s a ton of self-esteem issues there: compared to all the models in the house, she feels inadequate, as far as being able to attract her desired person, even though, compared to normal people, not on TV, Sam is very hot.

The LA models in the house, including the men, understandably won’t eat things with sugar, and are on this fad diet, or that fad diet. They are working for their looks. But compared to the upper middle-class LA elite in the house, poor Sam is middle class or working class.

When your parents prepare something for you, you eat it – all of it; you clean your plate. Waste not, want not. Sugar and fad diets have nothing to do with it. So, some of Sam’s anxiety is coming from extreme culture shock. She was relating this to Hay, in the HOH room, last night.

To be honest, Sam’s thing with Brett seems forced, although Brett is a way better guy, than Tyler. There’s nothing behind Tyler’s eyes; his smiles don’t reach his eyes. If he was just a normal guy, I would take pity on Tyler, because he has suffered in his personal life.

However, since Tyler is in power, and is manipulating most of the females and some of the males, in the house, these signs that I see in Tyler, become red flags, and he comes off as creepy. Hence, all my jokes about vampires, and Faust and whatnot.

Brett, on the hand, although sometimes just as toolish and as insensitive as Tyler (his good-bye message to Bay), is full of genuine mirth and happiness. His smiles reach his eyes! Like I have noted before, he has charm, wit and class. He handles confrontations better than Tyler.

When Bay came at Brett sideways, in an unfair swipe, after Rachel went home, he calmly and kindly diffused the argument. Bay had no choice but to let it go and leave him alone. He did not try and go tit-for-tat with her, trying to get in the last word. Tyler did just that in the house meeting. When you argue this way, the tiff never ends. Bay was trying to walk away, during that house meeting, several times, but he kept sending along, one more jab. Brett is more mature.

Still, as one astute Twitter denizen observed, Sam seems to be falling in love with RS, not Brett. She made RS promise, to talk to her more than Hay. Honestly, RS is the only calming influence on Sam, and together they might go far. I am rooting for them. Like Bay, Kaycee was Sam’s stand-in Mom and (first?) burgeoning female crush.

However, on the same day slippery Tyler tried to emotionally manipulate Sam, with his Cloud app, Kaycee also tried to pressure her into voting out Bay, not because Bay, was a danger to Sam, or even to Kaycee, but really because Bay was coming after Tyler, if she stayed – the same way Tyler came after Bay, and got her evicted, almost unanimously, a la Kaitlyn.

So, the day of Bay’s eviction was the day Sam opened up her eyes and saw her adopted family – Tyler and Kaycee – for who they really were: just another set of people trying to manipulate and exploit her. Hence, the Sam tailspin I described in my last dispatch.

Later, last night Tyler and Sam did talk – but thankfully, they didn’t patch things up! Sam, in her own down-to-earth way, rightly identified Tyler as a ‘snake,’ to a bemused, shocked, and even a little angry, Tyler. She sees the same emotional darkness, threatening to consume him, that other super-fans also see.

Sam shouldn’t get pulled into the orbit of Brett, nor should the other Foutte members. Brett is there as the mole, and Hay and Scottie actually believe he has been kicked out of Level 4, when he is constantly reporting back to them, a la JC. Foutte people are so kind and/or naive that they don’t plant moles in Level 4 and don’t even suspect Level 4 moles (except JC, only recently).

If someone just randomly starts being friendly to you, and he or she has never talked to you seriously before, a red flag should go up, and you shouldn’t tell such a person anything sensitive (like Hay and Scottie still talking game in front of JC!). If Brett reels Sam in and just uses her for information and for votes, she will be devastated all over again, like she was with Tyler and Kaycee.

If RS and Foutte were smart, they would make sure RS is there for Sam, all the time. She has ‘turned’ Sam, as they say in the intelligence world. RS needs to continue to be a faithful handler, or else the agents of Level 4 will scoop her back up, again and use her as a double agent. This would be bad for Sam, Foutte’s game and for Sam’s peace-of-mind.

On the personal level, a tough girl, like Sam, needs to be nurtured, more than anything. Such women are tough, but they don’t know how to be soft or react when someone is soft toward them. Sam seems uncomfortable with any male attention she gets in the house, despite somehow craving romantic kindness.

Brett is slick, hip and cosmopolitan, but he isn’t a nurturer. Sam needs a nurturing Mom/wife figure. That person is RS. Reel her in Foutte. It’s the best thing for Sam and for them.

inner peace