The Circle: Very Catfishy

I’m always right, 25% of the time.

– Joey

It’s a little strange to catfish as your significant other, especially if you’re going to go into the game as a single person. Why over-complicate an already complicated game? It’s already hard to be yourself, in real life, much less on The Genius or Survivor, where you have to be calculating new strategies, almost constantly. “Is Chris cute?” immediately alerts the females, to the bad gaydar, of a possibly fake girl catfish. Why would the catfish admit to being the catfish?

In regard to Alana, a dork, for models, is not a dork, for normal people. Unfortunately, she just seemed like someone trying to be fake and fit in, with the rest of the masses. A majority of beautiful people in casting, immediately makes the other people suspect that several catfish, and maybe a bot, or two, might be in their midst. However, Alana wasn’t a catfish; she was actually hot. Filters are fine, just probably not on your profile pic. Bad first impression.

But humans are pattern-finding animals. What’s a threat? What’s a resource? In our daily lives, we must all quickly decide, all quickly form an opinion. It’s like when the great chef didn’t know how to poach an egg; a red flag immediately went up, for the woman he was hitting on.

Why would Alana immediately call the female chat “Skinny Queens”? Did Alana want to be targeted for being pretty? “It’s good that we’re all pretty,” Alana says, without even thinking about it. There’s nothing wrong with being pretty; Alana is just very tone deaf. Skinny legend, skinny icon. Has Alana opened insta lately? Rookie moves. Alana was a case where being so perfect must mean she was a catfish – and the group did not mean this as a compliment.