Frozen II – The Shaman Queen

Leaders are the bridge between nature and the people – like how Bifrost connects Asgard and Earth. Shamanic royalty or elected officials are immersed in the elements and their spirits – the salamanders, the sylph, the undines and the gnomes. Alchemy. Paracelsus.

My predictions for Frozen 2 came true, partially. Elsa is called to find the true source of her powers. She finds out who she is. She becomes the rightful heir and Queen of another kingdom, more in touch with magic, since she is the descendant of two sets of royalty. She decides to stay with that kingdom. It’s a good ending to the sisters’ stories.

Disney could even create a Frozen III. Something to do with the two kingdoms, and some crisis that almost occurs between them. Maybe Elsa will finally come out and find a girlfriend or a wife.

I liked Frozen II. It’s way better than the finale of Survivor 39. Elsa got a good story and she can still find a good woman, who puts her first. And she’s still a Queen. You know your family is great when it produces not one, but two Queens.