Survivor 37: Christian’s Gamble

i love these people

I love Christian! He is my favorite to win! Like I predicted, Jessica, near the bottom of the heap, is gone.

I repeat, Jessica is gone. She was #10 in my second boot order, but on my first boot list, Jessica was #19. First Impressions are pretty accurate.

However, sending home Jessica instead of Lyrsa is a typical rookie mistake. A strong social game is also a threat, so players must not only focus on physical strength! Lyrsa will be a social force, and that’s the reason to vote her out – not her lack of physical prowess.

Pat got Medevacked, in the first episode of Survivor, Season 37 – so no tribal council. Pat was like Rupert + Mike Skupin: the roaring pirate, who falls in the fire (Too Soon?)

Anyhow, it was unfortunate when Pat left because he built a shelter for the Davids and set them up for success, in the comp. He was a big physical asset; it was sad to see Pat go so early. He was pretty high on my boot list, but I didn’t expect him so be out so soon.

It was possible Pat would have still been the FOO, for the David Tribe – Jeff Probst called it – as in voted out but he did his best.

Pat’s personality was just too rough around the edges for most people and rubbed many tribe members and production people the wrong way. But instead he got hurt, during the colossal weather, that hit the tribes. Once you can’t fire your weapon, you’re done.

yes yeah ok

Survivor Rankings, post-Episode 2:

  1.  Ultimate Sole Survivor: Christian (the real Cochran)
    a. witty, doesn’t actually do birding, very smart, took coded notes
    b. The Know-It-All – younger male, snarky, super-fan, embodies the type, nervous
  2. Alison – the doctor, thumbs up
    a. just made chief resident but very laid-back (!)
    b. Erin Brockovich – everyday kind of woman, ‘normal’ job, doesn’t play hard
  3. Dan – SWAT cop, cool Dad [The First Lady of Podcast’s Choice for Sole Survivor]
    a. looks up to his step-dad (another merge boot); no killer instinct
    b. Seduce and Destroy – most diverse type (could be smart, mean or naive); salesman
  4. Cowboy Carl – a truck driver, thumbs up; makes jury [Rob’s Choice for Sole Survivor]
    a. True Grit – older athletic or military male; tough guy, you see what you get
  5. Jeremy Crawford – SC, lawyer, passed the bar in 4 states
    a. 2nd jury member, observant, intuitively understands people, analyzes minds
    b. Social Butterfly – vivacious, bonds with both genders, outgoing, social, savvy
  6. Angelina – Stanford, Masters from Yale, travel; Parvati overtones?
    a. in management, not finance; high maintenance
    b. Meredith Grey – young, professional, intense; overthinks, gets a blind-slide
  7. Alec – the bartender
    a. charming, uses ‘like’ a ton, emotional intelligence, insightful
    b. Surfer Dude – easy-going, calls everyone ‘bro,’ keeps their closest allies; Tyson, Aras
  8. Natalie – Publishing CEO
    a. Merge cusp, very tough; needs to talk more about the game
    b. The Wise Older Woman – can see through all of your nonsense; no hugs
  9. Elizabeth Olsen – no, #Birding
    a. understands and respects the game, well-rounded, very subtle
    b. Mommy Dearest – older woman who has kids; Tina
  10. Natalia – industrial engineer, into fitness; will be good at challenges
    a. hot-head, bossy
    b. The Oh-No You Didn’t – will go offwhy is this sideways
  11. “Davie,” – five Twitter accounts, stuck on DMs, thumbs down
    a. “blerd,” wants to create “chaos,” is not as good as Russell Hantz
    b. Ponyboy (“The Outsiders”) – young male outside of the mainstream, sensitive
  12. Pat – (tattoos, likes the Jets), a rough version of Rupert
    a. Robbed Goddess, dragged to the end if he makes the merge; very rigid
    b. The Heisenberg – Russell Hantz, Jonny Fairplay, rough around the edges
    MEDEVAC: -3 Points
  13. Nick Wilson (Kentucky) – will get himself a slingshot, similar to JT; pre-merge
    a. RHAP patron, not Big Tom, ‘Anyone but me,’ has a good shot at winning
    b. The Good Ole Boy
  14. The Mayor of Slamtown – I heard of him in third grade; merge boot
    a. is smart, funny and self-aware; mature, articulate
    b. The (Pseudo) Specialist – middle-aged guy who loves himself and the old days
  15. Mike White – School of Rock, bad body shot, kind of flip; will make it to the swap
    a. Jimmy Johnson part II; he’s keeping expectations low, dark horse??
    b. Mr. Miyagi – older male player, wise, dad of the tribe, reliable season narrator
  16. Kara Kay – doesn’t really pop
    a. used a small curved vanity mirror to start a fire; pleasant
    b. The Siren – flirtation and charm are their game, seen as a threat
  17. Gabby – flakes out in the rain
    a. open, vulnerable, emotional, smart, trustworthy; beware the quiet ones
    b. Chelsea Handler – witty, cute, anxious, neurotic; nerd bait, ‘manic pixie girl’
  18. Lyrsa (purple hair) – definitely pre-jury and pre-merge
    a. afraid of the ocean and reptiles, is LGBT (cool), kick-boxes, practical
    b. Lady Gaga – female not like the others, New-Agey (Kaitlyn, Rockstar), flaky, flip
  19. Jessica – may also go down in the rain, 50/50
    a. grew up watching the game, worried about her age
    b. Little Red Riding Hood – young, sweet student; carried to the end by a strategist
    First Voted Out of the Season: -15 Points
  20. First-One Out: The Killer Bi
    a. new to Survivor, has no idea how to play the game; walled-off
    b. GI Jane – super athletic female challenge beast, struggles socially

– The Surfer Dude has the highest win rate (just look at Tyler, in #BB20)
– Solid Alliances: Mommy Dearest, Mr. Miyagi, Good Ole Boy (the Mr. Miyagi never wins; take him as the goat)

i can't even anymore