BB: “YOU create the majority”

Brain explodes

All together now: WHO FLIPPED?

As one Twitter citizen put it, when (not if) Fessy gets evicted, Fessy won’t leave the house, until he finds out who flipped the vote on him. Can’t you just hear the sound of grinding gears?

Yeah, RS is gone. Kaycee will finally have Sam back, because guess what I heard: Tyler is gay or bi!

That would explain why all the females are so comfortable with him, but he’s never been in a showmance, with any of them (he only kissed Angela on the cheek).

JC said Tyler was LGBT, and he didn’t deny it or get upset. JC also, seemingly randomly, gave Tyler a good night kiss, the other night.

I know the winner of Survivor Season 1 is gay. If Tyler wins, he will be a gay/bi BB winner (!), if he self-identifies that is. I hate speculation, but you also can’t force people to say what they are either.

Fessy and JC: NO

Tyler and JC: Yes/Maybe! OMG

Please self-identify Tyler. Maybe I’ve been reading him wrong/hating on him falsely all this time.

In related news, on the flip-side, 3-showers-a-day Fessy thought Swaggy C was gay, when he first met him. I could be wrong, but I don’t see it, Fessy.

Tyler's got nothing on me