BB: Sam Isn’t Going ANYWHERE

that house meeting though...

I followed the show on the Twitter hashtag, when it was occurring live, on the East Coast, and then watched it again, on my computer, when the episode, appeared online, for those on Mountain Time.

First of all, I gave Bay, a kind send-off, before the show, in my analysis, since there was a good likelihood that she would still leave. On Twitter, I already see Swaggy at charity events, with other greats from BB history, like Josh and Donny. I am sure #TAR is in their future.

Bay did what she could. She could have done everything the same, during her HOH week and still stayed, this week – if she hadn’t told Rachel about her power app. Bay knows this. That was the one fish bone, in the throat, that just wouldn’t go down.

As for the vote, I was happy that Sam voted to keep Bay. Just swaying Sam’s one vote was victory enough for me. Scottie voted out Swaggy. It only makes sense, that he would want to get rid of Bay too, especially since Bay did basically run him out of the Foutte alliance.

In a way, it’s sort of poetic. Tyler betrayed Kaitlyn. The house came together and basically voted Kaitlyn out, unanimously – except for JC’s joke vote/hinky vote. Two weeks later, history repeated itself: Tyler betrayed Bay. The house came together and basically voted Bay out, unanimously – except for the vote of awesome Sam. (Angela, my Ice Queen, Be Afraid. Also Do Something About It.) A pattern is developing here.

There was communication, before the vote, that could have saved Bay. The plan was: Sam telling Bay she’s going to keep her; Bay tells Hay, who tells Fessy and Scottie, and they all vote, as a group, to keep Bay. However, there was a bit of a wrinkle, in the plan. Bay was lost for good, but Foutte has now gained a more powerful ally, in Sam!

Villains are so predictable. On the day of the vote, Tyler told Sam about his Cloud power app – proving that no one in the BB house can keep a secret (these guys wouldn’t survive on Survivor!). But Sam, who is, despite what everybody thinks, nobody’s fool, immediately asked him why she was only learning about this now.

Despite Angela threatening Tyler, not to emotionally manipulate Sam, Tyler was obviously trying to lock in Sam’s vote, at the 11th hour, by saying any effort to save Bay, so that she could use her power app, would be wasted – because Tyler would just jump in the Cloud.

Sam, who cried when Tyler was put up, on the block; Sam, who views Tyler as her little brother – finally saw Tyler’s true colors. The mask slipped, and she saw an ugly face beneath.

The immediate effect of this terrible reveal sent Sam into a momentary tailspin. She was floored; she almost self-evicted. When she came out of her fugue, she then cast her first vote against Dictator Tyler, for Bay!

Now, RS is Sam’s new Mom, and she swore she would work to evict Angela and Tyler and Sam now realizes that Tyler is shady. It’s the anti-Tyler alliance I’ve been waiting for. And Hay, the Texan, won HOH.

Bay will be avenged; don’t worry. I have faith in Hay, Sam and RS – and even Angela, if she comes to her senses, and wakes up from Tyler’s mesmer, in time. It would even be in Brett’s best interests to get rid of Tyler now, because the house isn’t big enough for the both of them. I don’t want to sound like clueless Fessy, but this vote could be unanimous!

Speaking of Fessy, JC and Fessy are good friends. For what it’s worth, Sam, who is living in the house with him, thinks Fessy is gay. He could be bisexual, but I don’t like to speculate on people, before they self-identify.

JC did get Fessy through some tough times, when he was stuck in that love triangle, with Kaitlyn and Hay. As, I’ve said before, Fessy is just an ordinary guy, way in over his head, with these hot women, who he doesn’t know if they like him – or just like fighting over him.

JC led the charge to get rid of Kaitlyn, and that was noble. JC is still in my Final Five, and personally I still like JC, despite all the hate he has been getting lately, on Twitter. Like Fessy and Sam, I can understand where JC is coming from. He got rid of Kaitlyn for game reasons and personal reasons, because he seems to like Fessy and wanted to keep Kaitlyn away from him.

Kaitlyn was unwelcome news for Fessy – and everyone she was involved with. However, despite what Sam and JC think, Hay is not Kaitlyn. Fessy actually likes Hay. Fessy may be coming off as too needy, to Hay now, but their relationship seemed solid, and survived the whole nonsense with Brett, in the hammock.

Their bond is so strong, that Scottie, who has been spending more and more time with Hay, is now very jealous of Fessy, and is actively trying to make Fessy jealous, by hanging out with Hay (Fessy is ignoring him and doesn’t see him as a threat, for Hay’s heart).

It gets more complicated, because JC is trying to save Scottie too, from the supposed ‘all-girls alliance.’ But after being on the bottom, of both Foutte and Level 6, Scottie is officially an independent agent, trying to establish his own independent alliance, in the middle.

After seeing the goings-on, in the middle – how Level 6 is just as stupid as Foutte, but Level 6 has the benefit of all the independents bringing information, from Foutte, back to Level 6 – and not the other way around – Scottie now rightfully sees JC as a mole, working for Level 6, and doesn’t trust him.

However, JC and Scottie want the same thing: the end of Hay and Fessy! (Scotty wants Hay and JC wants Fessy. What will happen if these two find this out and start working together?)

I feel a little sad for JC, if Fessy is straight, or is bisexual, but just doesn’t like JC that way – and likes Hay, that way. I am also confused, because as a shorter person, I understand the attraction to taller people, but relative to JC, Fessy is so huge. I just want JC to find another shorter man, like himself!

Trying to break Fessy and Hay up, especially if Fessy doesn’t like him, that way, isn’t a good look for JC. And such a heavy personal issue, could bleed over and affect JC’s rationality and his, otherwise, good game – when he needs to be focusing on getting Tyler out.

HGs, press the advantage of the house meeting! Bay may have screamed louder, but Tyler was tainted too – and no one wants to be around any kind of controversy, regardless of who is right.

The whole gays running after straights or bisexuals, who don’t like them back, is so tired, and tragic and played out. Speaking of Bay, the betrayal Bay faced, from Level 6, was actually an inversion of the awful trope JC is flying too close to. Kaycee seems to be used to curious straight girls falling all over her and was immune to Bay’s stunning beauty.

Bay on the other hand, as a straight girl, knew to be wary of Tyler, even though she was lowkey crushing on him, hard. But she wasn’t ready for the football hunk, that is Kaycee. That Level 6er took her by surprise.

Bay thought Kaycee was her best friend, along with Tyler and Angela. But as we saw, in Level 6’s war-gaming sessions, Kaycee didn’t give a flying fin about Bay. Kaycee’s crying, while eating, was pure jury management.

So, it goes both ways. JC don’t let anything distract you. Hay don’t be fooled by Tyler (you saw what happened to Kaitlyn, Rachel and Bay). And everyone else, wake up and smell the coffee – even Evel Dick says this is the HGs last chance to get rid of Tyler.

RIP Kaitlyn