BB: The Story of Bay


The initial anger, surrounding the backdoor is wearing off, and sadness is beginning to set in. Thanks Bay. #7StagesOfGrief

It’s been fun. (Not.)

July 26th: “Last call for Swayleigh” (This was before Kaitlyn had even left the house.)

… a war has been raging among the dedicated disciples of Bay: those who claim to be the true acolytes and those who rightly recognize that they can love Bay and deeply dislike her strategy.

Bay couldn’t win HOH to save her life [She did win the HOH – but she completely changed her personality and her game, in the process. If she hadn’t won that HOH, would she still be going home on Thursday?].

A ‘power app’ means nothing, if you don’t…command respect. [Kaycee has won zero comps, zero power apps and zero HOHs – and she’s still living large.]

So many holes in Bay running after Level 6…

Tyler doesn’t like Bay. Week 1, he…considered putting Bay herself up on the block (that was the day when she went crying back to him, in the HOH room, after Swaggy tried to quietly tell her). My mind cannot compute why she would ever tell Tyler, of all people, about her secret power…

If Tyler – and JC, Sam and even, Kaycee and Rachel – are at the bottom of Level 6, Bay isn’t even in Level 6. They will use Bay as a number and then discard her.

Only Rockstar has been 100% loyal to Swayleigh, yet Bay [was] determined to send RS home. [And then Bay wanted to send home Scottie; Scottie is now working for Level 4.]

– End Flashback –

Bay is going the way of Kaitlyn, and she wasn’t even as fantastically bad and as cool as Kaitlyn! I knew Bay shouldn’t have trusted Tyler; now, she too, has become Faust.

Sam was even trying to be nice to Bay and cheer her up – but Bay kept subtly kicking Sam’s game, in the teeth. And then there was all that yelling at RS. Poor Sam. Poor Rockstar.

Bay, why didn’t you 1) put Tyler and Brett up, when you were HOH? 2) keep your power app a secret from Rachel, Tyler, Angela and the rest of Level 6? 3) use your power this week? Five minutes after the Veto ceremony, Bay was packing – five minutes. 

Lest we forget Angela, the Cowardly Lion, Richard III (played expertly by Sherlock‘s Benedict Cumberbatch) was a great villain and had scoliosis. The poor guy was ugly, but he stood by his positions; he died on that hill. If a platform is so strong, stand behind it.

Tyler has a track record: Kaitlyn, Rachel, Bay (soon), and later Angela. All of the HGs believe they are invincible; they never see their blindside coming.

Hope: I am hearing there will indeed be a double eviction – and a battle back (!) – since Kaitlyn didn’t make it back on to the show, using Sam’s Power App.