BB: The Last Days of Foutte


The drama around the power app is continuing to unfold. As of now, Rachel will go home; Scottie can’t be backdoored anymore – but the fact that all of Level 6 knows about Bay’s power, completely defeats the purpose of it being used, next week. Of course, production will insure that it gets used, but Bay will probably be backdoored shortly after. This really takes the drama out of, what was, the best app.

Brett is the bigger threat and should go home – but he won’t. Foutte will, once again, be on the wrong side of the vote, cementing their status as the worst BB alliance, ever. I wanted to root for Bay, but she should stick to modeling. Tyler and Brett should have both been on the block, this week. Why she couldn’t see through Tyler’s mist, like Scottie did, is beyond me.

Everyone thinks Tyler is working for them, but Tyler is only working for Tyler. Everyone else ends up working for him – including Sam, and Level 6. If Bay doesn’t get backdoored next week, it will be because she does exactly what Tyler wants her to do – but that might not happen, because Tyler has said he wants Bay out, next week. He is going to discard her, like he did Kaitlyn.

Tyler is a villain, on par with Kaitlyn; in fact, he is worse, because he is likable and blends right in – despite being an independent, on nobody’s side. Whoever can defeat Tyler, will win the game. My money is on JC, because of his joke vote – and because if he keeps Tyler around any longer, he’s going to end up working for Tyler, himself.

The way the game works, is that the Bottom Five players aren’t even considered by JC. Bay, Fessy, Hay and the like, are ‘Clean-Up on Aisle 3,’ for Tyler. Those who make it through Tyler, get to JC, but that hasn’t happened yet and probably never will – because the only way to neutralize Tyler, is to – Surprise – vote him out. I am patiently waiting for JC to slay this dragon.