BB: “YOU create the majority”

All together now: WHO FLIPPED? As one Twitter citizen put it, when (not if) Fessy gets evicted, Fessy won't leave the house, until he finds out who flipped the vote on him. Can't you just hear the sound of grinding gears? Yeah, RS is gone. Kaycee will finally have Sam back, because guess what I heard: Tyler is … Continue reading BB: “YOU create the majority”


BB: Sam Isn’t Going ANYWHERE

I followed the show on the Twitter hashtag, when it was occurring live, on the East Coast, and then watched it again, on my computer, when the episode, appeared online, for those on Mountain Time. First of all, I gave Bay, a kind send-off, before the show, in my analysis, since there was a good … Continue reading BB: Sam Isn’t Going ANYWHERE

“Oh #BBBaby…It’s a House Meeting!??”

Wow! Where do I begin? This Season is truly delivering! Yes, good-hearted Sam is Bay’s only hope at this point. Bay has made a ton of mistakes, and we’ve all called her on it – but life does give us second chances sometimes, especially if we learn from those mistakes. The crucible of the House … Continue reading “Oh #BBBaby…It’s a House Meeting!??”