BB: “4 Days Late”

fly over me, evil angel - Faust, Breaking Benjamin

I tried to write this many times, but I am still reeling from the loss of Kaitlyn. I thought no one was going home this week – and production did too! #BBApocalypse #7StagesofGrief

The one thing about the natural disaster-level whirl of karma, that removed Kaitlyn, is that after the dust settled, we began to see what’s important and what’s not…

JC is running this game. Level 6 was all set to bounce RS, and JC said “No.” Sam, the HOH, who can fish for her dinner, weld, and purportedly ‘stomp mudholes’ in people’s chests, wanted to put JC on the block. JC said “No.” Sam caved and cried and hugged JC afterward.

JC is independent of Level 6. He is independent of Tyler. Tyler can womanize Bay, Hay, Kaitlyn, Sam, Kaycee (even though she is gay!) and everyone, everywhere – except JC. JC sees through him. He sees him for who he truly is (so does Scottie, but more on Scottie later).

On Twitter, there are pictures of Tyler, dressed as a rich man, in his real life. He’s not a “surfer.” He doesn’t need the money – but he has the intelligence to win it.

The Kaitlyn vote showed me that the house will listen to JC, over Tyler. If Level 6 doesn’t have JC’s swing vote, they will literally break camp and vote the other way. JC is the bellwether, the canary in the coal mine.

When JC voted to evict RS, every BB fan, myself included, thought RS was toast. But that was just a joke vote – and who was that poison barb aimed at? Tyler.

JC’s long game is to destroy Tyler, because only Tyler stands in the way of him winning $500K. The rest are irrelevant. It’s a game between JC and Tyler and the rest of them are just chess pieces, that those two move around. And it’s JC‘s game to lose.

Invisibility is power. If you’re not on the TV right now, that’s a good thing. Based on this rubric, the Final Five are: JC, Scottie, Angela, Rachel and Kaycee. Most casual watchers regard these HGs as “furniture,” but they are the real ones running the game.

RS is weak. Hay and Fessy are fighting now. Brett, Tyler and Sam are all way too exposed. Bay has a chance, but she has contracted HOH-itis, like Kaitlyn and Sam. Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.

Bay has also told Rachel about her power app. Who has she not told? A fake showmance with Tyler, is the last thing she needs right now (4 Days Late?! C’mon Bay! That’s your whole career and life on the line! You’re a professional model!).

Bay deserves to go home, if she too falls for Tyler’s wiles. Everyone is Faust, to Tyler’s fallen angel, Mephistopheles (look what happened to Kaitlyn!). He’s a jinx. He’s the spirit in “Death Note.” Avoid him Bay.

Scottie is still the best HOH, and he didn’t suffer an iota for it! Meanwhile, Brett is back on the block! The bros are going home.

Being HOH, gives you a chance to step out of the current fight and create a way-ahead. An airtight, post-HOH game is the sign of skillful player. Since he left the HOH suite, no one has heard from Scottie. #OutToLunch #OnBreak