BB: “ThunderKlap!!”

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It must have been written in the stars…

July 9th: Kaitlyn on a Rampage

“A thunderous, resounding clapback is headed Kaitlyn’s way…Perhaps, Tyler will consider her a liability, once she’s no longer HOH, and both Level 6 and Foute will agree to oust her. When you think about it, unwittingly, Tyler has set Kaitlyn up as an unlikable fall-guy for himself.”

July 10th: Kaitlyn, the Macbeth

“That echoing clapback, coming for Kaitlyn, is rolling over the hills...Tyler is going to cut his losses, sync up with an angry Fezzie, and kick Kaitlyn out, to keep Foute on his side.”

July 11th: Swaggy Exits, Stage Left

“The way-ahead for Tyler, as far as how he will cut out this liability, is to tap into Foute’s anger at Kaitlyn and unite the house around getting rid of her. Easy vote.

Well, like a once-in-a-lifetime 8.5 magnitude earthquake or an F4 tornado, the cosmic clapback for Kaitlyn has finally arrived. It really didn’t take that long – we had a one-week breather, where Scottie had the most successful HOH, in Season 20, so far – although to be fair to Sam, despite her billion-and-one, mostly personal, foibles, the end-result was the strategic elimination of a giant threat, wildcard and traitor, in the game.

As for Kaitlyn’s “reasons,” for throwing away half-a-million dollars, we need only go back…

July 5th: Steve is Gone

” Kaitlyn is very easily emotionally swayed and sold Foute down the river, for a rejected crush…She never liked Swaggy C.

July 3rd: First Impressions

One moment, she’s all “Namaste” and the next, she’s tearing into Swaggy C in the storage room...But she’s in Swaggy C’s alliance. We’ll see.

So, we have, at least, a month’s-worth of bad decisions. JC got a bad feeling. Brett got a bad feeling. We have never seen this divided house more united on anything. Only Saint JC, the Merciful, decided to throw Kaitlyn a pity-vote, so that a unanimous tide wouldn’t absolutely crush her (BF Joe? #HeGone).

Like the universal vibration of ‘Om,’ that sounds throughout the darkness of deep space, we have Kaitlyn calling into the abyss: “Fessy?…Tyler?!”

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