BB: “Last call for Swayleigh”

Fezzie love triangle

I went and watched Swaggy/Chris on Kawaii Nicole’s YouTube channel. That was painful! I mean, if he can recognize that Paul (#BB, #TAR) is not in his league, why would Jessica Graf be in your league, Swaggy? He clicked on the fake link, someone sent him. Graf invites you, Swaggy; you don’t demand to speak to her. #48LawsofPower

On the other side of Swayleigh, a war has been raging among the dedicated disciples of Bay, on Twitter: those who claim to be the true acolytes and those who rightly recognize that they can love Bay and deeply dislike her strategy.

Bay couldn’t win HOH to save her life. A ‘power app’ means nothing, if you don’t win comps and/or command respect (Look at Sam).

So many holes in Bay running after Level 6:

1) Kaitlyn – and all the people Sam teed-off this week – may still all be in the house next week.

2) Kaitlyn doesn’t like Bay. She never liked Swaggy; as we all saw, she couldn’t wait to betray him. On the feeds, even Bay is tired of the condescending way Kaitlyn talks to her.

3) Tyler doesn’t like Bay. Week 1, he ground her out of being the first HOH. He then considered putting Bay herself up on the block (that was the day when she went crying back to him, in the HOH room, after Swaggy tried to quietly tell her). My mind cannot compute why she would ever tell Tyler, of all people, about her secret power. And these HGs claim to be BB fans.

4) If Tyler – and JC, Sam and even, Kaycee and Rachel – are at the bottom of Level 6, Bay isn’t even in Level 6. They will use her as a number and then discard her.

5) Kaitlyn and Scottie have betrayed. Locked in a busted love triangle with Kaitlyn, Fezzie and Haleigh, have been apathetic. Only Rockstar has been 110% loyal to Swayleigh, yet Bay is determined to send RS home.

Sam is the worst HOH ever, in BB history. While Scottie #PulledUp by winning the POV, after being threatened and blackmailed by Winston, Sam called the honor of, at least, two women into question, because they were hotter than her, was confronted by Kaitlyn in the HOH room, and failed to #PullUp in the POV comp.

Ideology – words – are nothing, without actions behind them. Sam said this, herself. If you’re that angry about Kaitlyn stealing Fezzie and Tyler from you, Sam, #PullUp and keep the noms the same – and don’t let JC tell you, to your face, in front of everyone, that he won’t go on the block. I highly doubt a male HOH would ever tolerate that. HGs are not supposed to speak during noms and POV meetings.

When I heard about this event, I thought Sam had taken JC aside, in the storage room, maybe, on the feeds and told him he was the replacement nominee and that he had persuaded her not to put him up. I had no idea, that this outburst occurred on national TV, during the actual POV meeting.

I hope Sam goes home next week. She seems to be able to do everything – fish, make a loom, weld, cook, woodwork – except play Big Brother. This isn’t HGTV.

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