BB: Busted Faysal Love Triangle

sam gives up

Inconvenient truths: Winston looked like the next Patrick Bateman on his eviction night, and Bay was completely taking JC’s examples out of context.

Speaking of villains, like Bateman, Kaitlyn is in for a rude awakening, when she gets out of the house. Jessica Graf was totally in the clear. After #BB20, Kaitlyn will have no choice but to come back for Celebrity BB or BB’s versions of Heroes vs. Villains (Christine?).

How have Tyler (and Kaitlyn) gotten away with it, for a whole month and Foute is only finding out now? Foute is one of the worst alliances in BB history: no one paid for Steve going home, until last week; one of their own becomes HOH and backdoors another member, and this week, again, another one of Foute will be voted out (even if an app resurrects them). No power. At all.

Stray electrons, but still important:

1) CBS aired a discussion on minorities and didn’t air the actual incriminating remarks from Rachel and Angela. Editing them out, only gave these moments more power. Since this is reality TV, CBS should have aired the real bones of contention and let America decide for itself. The disclaimer card they showed, from the jump, was a complete red herring for the remarks they did show. Kudos to Bay for (finally) hugging it out and not getting unnecessarily upset about a hypothetical discussion.

2) HOH Sam is the complete reverse of HOH Scottie. With Scottie, I went in with abysmally low expectations and was spectacularly surprised. With Sam, I went in thinking she was a saint and came out realizing she’s hypocritical (how is what Kaitlyn and Haleigh are doing, any worse than what Rachel and Angela do every day?) and bitter (we all have our gifts in this world: gentleness, beauty, intelligence, etc. – you can’t attack people just because they have a larger helping of one trait, instead of you). Lumping Haleigh in with Kaitlyn, was also a poor choice.

The 48 Laws of Power cannot lie: look at what people do, and not the rationalizations for what they do. If Kaitlyn and Haleigh were on the wrong side of the house, i.e. not in Level 6, just say that, instead of doing this awful Salem witch trials imitation. What part of ‘not getting blood on your hands’ does Sam not understand?

I am so disappointed in Sam, and I am not the only one. No wonder Sam is stuck in the middle, went up on the block Week 1, became a robot and despite having a ton of social capital and goodwill (which this week squandered) still has no true allies (lock everyone out of the HOH room? no one-on-ones? What is that?).

Why would Sam want to be HOH the week her power comes into play? Wouldn’t she want to get as far away, as possible? Tyler got off easy, because he has no target on his back for being HOH twice – however, he is at the bottom of the Level 6 alliance, so when the game starts being played, ‘for real’ – his days are numbered. Sam looked so strong at the end of that HOH comp, but then she threw a month of arduous work away.

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