BB: Scottie 180


Faysal has taken himself out of the game. He still hasn’t figured out Kaitlyn or Tyler! Meanwhile, Scottie has suddenly grown a spine! He wasn’t bowled over by the combined charms of Tyler, Brett and Winston! I was afraid he wouldn’t see through the “charisma” and “mist,” but I am so proud of him now. It’s a complete 180 from what I feared: another Tyler pawn.

Scottie is no Kaitlyn. Foute may have some hope yet, and Brett and Winston are both huge threats, individually and as a bro duo. I am glad Scottie wasn’t deceived into turning on Haleigh and Rockstar. Scottie has picked up the slack, while Fezzie argues with JC over the prevalence of left-handedness.

The game won’t be the same without Swaggy, but given the nominations of Brett and Winston, Scottie’s strategy makes sense now: eliminate all the major (male) threats. Tyler has been put on notice! Scottie will not be denied! Also, I am glad Bay got some protection, after watching Swaggy get destroyed by Kaitlyn.

If I was Sam, yes, I would use my power while I had the choice and some iota of control, instead of letting the choice be made, by default. But unlike Scottie, Sam has no game of her own. Too many people are dependent on Tyler using their brains for them. Seek advice sure, but no one should tell you how to vote or how to use your power, or else it might as well be their own.

Still, I do like the additions of powers, which are like idols, that America chooses. Should be an interesting outcome, either way. It’s good to see Level 6 finally on their heels; the game was getting too predictable! Justice for Steve!