BB: Faysal Fail


I abhorred Faysal’s game-play so much, that I must have subconsciously edited it out of my autopsy of Thursday’s whirlwind episode. I did say, long ago, that Fezzie might amble back over to Kaitlyn – but only to keep her in check, and make sure she didn’t turn on anyone in Foute! Totally failed in that regard.

What I don’t understand, is how Steve going home, wasn’t like a bomb going off for Fezzie and Swaggy. The natural thing to do, would be to find the leak and make sure that it never happened again. But those two, and all of Foute really, were only too happy to go along with whatever the status quo was, instead of actively and proactively creating and shaping the status quo – like Tyler.

Swaggy blasted everyone for tanning, instead of playing the game, but he was more worried about people wearing his swag, instead of enacting a realistic strategy. Also, it’s a game – swearing on family members’ graves is never called for. That was a big red flag, regarding character, for me.

And as he was pleading with the heartless Kaitlyn and his argument to Tyler was falling on deaf ears, he came off as desperate. Never be desperate. Once you are coming off as desperate, you have lost. That’s one of the Laws of Power. Swaggy is not a Wendell.

Fezzie may suddenly reveal some hidden store of intelligence, but that’s unlikely. Tyler will continue his plan to pick off Foute, speaking through his mouthpiece, Scottie.

What I like about this season, is that nobody is completely stupid, not even Kaitlyn. Nobody is an absolute schmuck, holding the idiot ball. However, compared to everyone else, Tyler does seem to be a great deal smarter. No one sees Tyler coming; they would do good to prepare themselves and watch out! Steve flamed out; Tyler is behaving like the real undercover cop.