BB: Swaggy Exits, Stage Left

Kaitlyn Third Eye Blind

Swaggy left, like I figured would be the case. Kaitlyn was an awful traitor – but Swaggy didn’t know who his allies were (Haleigh) or who his enemies were (Tyler), in the house, as Julie Chen observed pointedly, in the post mortem.

Only four people (including Haileigh) voted for Swaggy to stay; wishy-washy, Faustian Scottie – in a Swaggy C shirt, no less – swore his everlasting fealty to Tyler, after he took him off the block, as a part of a plan Scottie was pawn in. Now, with Scottie as HOH, Tyler will be essentially getting a second term in office. Steve would be disappointed – but he had no allies, besides Scottie, and is no longer in the house.

Side-note: no one seems to be able to see through Tyler, and he has consolidated power in the middle of the house, like Swaggy wanted to do, in his audition tape. Never be the face of anything; never be too excited or too obviously alpha, even if you are an alpha.

Ray of Hope: shady Kaitlyn is going next! That’s the way-ahead for Tyler, as far as how he will cut out this liability. Foute is liable to be picked off, with only four people left, (like Malolo) but it would raise up less rancor, to tap into Foute’s anger at Kaitlyn and unite the house around getting rid of her. Easy vote.

Stray Electrons: 1) Sam was never going to use the power on Swaggy; I didn’t believe that one for a second.

2) You know Swaggy is going home, when he must beg the HOH who betrayed him and Machiavellian Tyler to stay.

3) Kaitlyn wouldn’t talk to Swaggy alone and even when Bayleigh came in with an olive branch and a hug, as soon as she came through the door, Kaitlyn magically didn’t want to talk about it. The most awkward hug, in BB history, then commenced.

4) Who cries that much, period, much less in public, as Kaitlyn does, in this episode? Kaitlyn’s crying is in-part females’ socialization in society (a male would rarely do that) – but true crying, like laughter, creates a space for vulnerability and builds a connection – whereas obvious, fake crying, like the crocodile tears/water works Kaitlyn displayed, is used as a weapon, because it makes people uncomfortable and does the exact opposite: it pushes people away. It’s an effective way for a snake to end an inconvenient conversation and appear, to the uninitiated, as a pitiable victim. ‘Ah, they (Swaggy, Bayleigh) are persecuting me,’ was all Kaitlyn said, for the entire episode.

I knew Swaggy going was a foregone conclusion. He waited too long to show the real Christopher, to anyone, besides maybe Bayleigh, and like many of the unfortunate, we only heard his story/he was only humanized, right before he went home. However, I love the overall season! Great drama! Now, let’s send Kaitlyn home!

Not rooting for Scottie as HOH. Yet another Tyler pawn.