BB: Kaitlyn, the Macbeth

Kaitlyn's BF is GONE

That echoing clapback, coming for Kaitlyn, is rolling over the hills: Haleigh, Rockstar and Faysal are livid. Poor Swaggy C/Christopher is in shock.

Kaitlyn is going home next. She thinks she has won, but she has lost! When Tyler was HOH, everything was placid; under Kaitlyn, everything has just been a PR catastrophe. Kaitlyn has so much blood on her hands; Tyler is going to cut his losses, sync up with an angry Fezzie, and kick Kaitlyn out, to keep Foute on his side.

However, Haleigh and Rockstar are aware of puppet master Tyler. Will they put up or shut up? It looks like they are ready to lead their own revolution, if Fezzie still refuses to see Tyler for who he truly is. I mean, if Tyler isn’t really in Foute, he must be Level 6. There are only two sides! Why couldn’t Swaggy and Fezzie see that? If Tyler’s not for you, he’s against you, Fezzie!