BB: Kaitlyn on a Rampage


A thunderous, resounding clapback is headed Kaitlyn’s way. She is so excited, like she’s never had power before. Rule one should be: never be so obvious.

Both Winston and Scottie are left scratching their heads, only reassured with a nebulous claim that they’re not the real target. Then, who is? I want someone, anyone, to interrogate Kaitlyn on this point.

All eyes are on this strange HOH; perhaps Faysal should try a line of inquiry where no one is looking: Tyler. Winston is an obvious enemy of Swaggy and Fezzie but what about enemies hiding in plain sight? Where do Tyler’s allegiances lie? I can’t believe neither of them suspect it.

They shouldn’t take any frontal swipes at Tyler (especially since he has a new secret power) but perhaps catching him in a lie or a discrepancy, will give Fezzie the ammo to lead Foute on a revolution against Kaitlyn, who is weaker and more exposed.

Kaitlyn needs to be exposed as a fraud, and she needs to go. Perhaps, Tyler will consider her a liability, once she’s no longer HOH, and both Level 6 and Foute will agree to oust her. When you think about it, unwittingly, Tyler has set Kaitlyn up as an unlikable fall guy for himself.