BB Continues

is this real

The true test of a relationship, is surviving tough times together, which Swaggy C and Bayleigh seem to be doing. I was a little disappointed that Bay ran crying back to Tyler, but between her, Tyler, Swaggy C and Faisal, everyone agrees that the noms should stay the same – both mega-alliances (Level 6, The Five) agree on that.

Strategically, I would want to take Steve down and put Angela up (she’s way more of a threat) but Fezzie only had the power to take someone down, not put them up, and Tyler would have put up Bay and endangered Swaggy and The Five.

Sam and Steve are literally on the bottom, outside of both mega-alliances. Steve’s one ally, Scott, was too afraid of snakes, to win the veto. I am surprised our undercover cop is so out of the loop. Since Sam has her “idol,” he may be going home, even if she’s not ready to play her advantage yet.

Looking Three Moves Ahead: Tyler is going to risk being exposed as Level 6, when either Fezzie or Swaggy figure out he’s not really allied with the Five. It also can’t be too long before, one way or another, everyone finds out Angela does not have the weekly advantage.

What do you think? How do you feel about mafioso Tyler – or has he even earned that title yet? What’s your three-steps-ahead scenario? I am really loving this season!