Survivor: Ghost Island, Final Thoughts


Dom even said it himself: let me put myself on the block and go toe-to-toe in making fire with Wendell! And yet, he didn’t do it. What happened to trusting your gut? Dom must be truly kicking himself – but they are friends, and they did manage to vote out Chris together.

Dom was the only one who could have bested Wendell at making fire.

The most beautiful story that counteracted all the bitterness of Desi, Michael and the like, was Wendell and Laurel’s loyalty to each other. Laurel stuck with her alliance and Wendell even saved her with his idol.

And then Laurel voted for him in the tiebreaker! Dom even said it himself: as soon as he saw the tie vote, he knew he had lost. Wendell said Laurel reminded him of his sister. They treated each other like family.

Nice, gracious people, like Seabass and Angie, also voted for Wendell.  Amazing Season.


My favorite Wendell moment was when they had a challenge to be with their families, and Wendell had to go to Ghost Island, for the sake of his alliance’s strategy, but his Dad took it in stride and was like ‘Go get ’em Son.’ That is when I knew he would win.

That moment really resonated with me and made me say to myself that ‘if Wendell isn’t on my radar yet, he needs to be.’ That was a big positive indicator as to his character.