Survivor: Ghost Island Finale

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Finale Thoughts:

  • Michael was on the wrong side of history again, with his vote for Dom.
  • Donathon: Laurel couldn’t protect him anymore. His truth bombs exploded at the wrong times and he went home before Angela.
  • As far as the jury vote, all the unkind people voted for Dom, and all the independent folks voted for Wendell. Did you see how rude Desi was to Wendell when he was pleading his case? No outright arguments, but it was the bitterest jury, in recent memory.
  • As far as the overall season though, Ghost Island was, and still is, one of the best Survivor seasons. Most of the curses staying intact – most infamously Dom picking Wu‘s box – speaks to the reliability of the irrationality of the human condition. Wendell making that fire proved he deserved to win.