Frozen: Ragnarok

see it's an idea

Live-action “Frozen”/Marvel movie treatment:

Elsa goes back to her ice castle briefly for mundane reasons. But a horrible snow storm, not caused by her, traps her up on the mountain. In the dark of night, she travels mistakenly down the other side of the mountain and comes across the source of the cold – the Spacegate (insert epic synthwave track here, Admo’s “On the Nightway”).

A figure of light waves at her from the gate, and delirious with otherworldly cold (this cold does bother her), Elsa follows the figure in. Little does she know, Elsa is going back to the modern world again (after the events of Once Upon a Time, Season 4), this time, the near future, where she meets the Avengers and where the main adventure of the story takes place.

We see some of this and then cut back to Arendelle, which is again under the grip of a supernatural winter. Noticing Elsa has not returned, Anna and Kristof leave the kingdom in the hands of a caretaker and go to investigate Elsa’s castle, as the first place to look. They find the Spacegate and are sucked in. The gate then closes (sparing Arendelle in the meantime).

An awesome adventure with a great soundtrack of synthwave (with a sprinkling of chillwave and vaporwave) ensues. Elsa and Anna meet the species of alien espers who are responsible for the Spacegate, and strangely enough, the ancient cryokinesis powers that seem to run in Elsa and Anna’s family.

After Elsa, Anna and the Avengers defeat the Big Bad Guy (Surtur?), the dramatic ending is whether Elsa wishes to stay in the future (our near-future) with her new esper girlfriend or go back to the past with Anna, and whether these Spacegates in time and space remain open.

The film will be like “Thor: Ragnarok” meets “Blade Runner,” and “Prometheus” (2012). The director must get that otherworldly feel to it: not quite horror, more like cyberpunk, like the 2017 “Ghost in the Shell” live action movie.

The “Frozen”/”Ragnarok” idea won’t be pure retrofuturism, but more so a reflection of the tension between old-world magic and the super powers and metahumans of Marvel’s present and future.

Photo courtesy of Constable Frozen.